A Brief Look at Why the Not So Quick, Not So Rich Path to Success Works for Most People

You are familiar with schemes that suggest a person can become wealthy without much by way of process. We call it a get rich quick scheme. And such ideas are universally rejected as scams. One way you can recognize a scam without even knowing the details is by evaluating how little output and effort it requires to get the promised result of great wealth. If the effort is too small, the resources too little, and the reward too great, it’s a scam. Run away!

Effort, investment, and wealth make up a classic “three things” conundrum. You have to pick two. You can get rich quickly, but it isn’t easy. You can get rich easily, but not quickly. Or you can go the quick and easy route, but not get rich. This is why the compromise of hard work, but not too hard, paired with investment, but not too much investment, gets you financially stable, even comfortable, but not rich. We call it the middle class. Put a little more time or investment into the mix and you can get to wealth. You just have to decide how much wealth you are after. Here are a few things to consider if you want to do better than average:


The stock market is a great place to learn how money works. It is also a great place to learn how to leverage risk and reward. You don’t have to be wealthy to participate in the markets. You might find it helpful to start with penny stock news. Information is the key to sound investing. You can strike it big with only a moderate investment of money. But you still need to put in the effort. Most of that effort comes in the form of research.

Striking it big is an allusion to finding gold. Relatively few people got rich that way. Most didn’t put in the research to know where to dig. Others didn’t invest in the necessary equipment and manpower to make it happen. They were willing to risk a lot for an uncertain and statistically improbable reward. Don’t allow the bulk of your investments to fall in the category of the statistically improbable. Investing isn’t gambling. It is leveraging information, effort, and resources for maximum efficiency in performance. Start with information and you will have a better chance of ending with reward.


Whether it be in finance or the arts, education is the best gift you can give your child. It is also one of the best methods available to speed up the get rich equation. A great education takes time. So you can’t get rich quickly and have a complete education. Take the time to learn what you need to know, and you will have a fighting chance at whatever you desire.

Great wealth is not even the goal for most people. The path of an educator is not great wealth, but life satisfaction. Some would say that is more valuable than material wealth. Whatever profession you decide to follow, it is certain that you will make more money when you take the time to maximize your education.

Buying Happiness

It sounds weird. But money actually can buy happiness. Just try getting rid of all your resources a little at a time. You will notice yourself getting less happy by the day. The real question is how much does happiness cost. There has been a lot of research in this area. What we learn is that happiness can be measured in time as well as money.

People found that things like not having to do chores were worth about $18,000. It is a way of expressing time-affluent activities in terms of money. Would you rather have an extra $4,000, or an extra week of vacation? Happiness is not always about the pursuit of more money. It is about the things that are more important than money that money can help you achieve. You need enough money for those things, and little more. At some point, the pursuit of money detracts from the things that really matter to you and make you the happiest.

Getting rich quick isn’t all it is cracked up to be, even if you could do it. Take things a little slower and you can do a better job balancing risk vs. reward. Complete your education and ensure you can do work that is meaningful to you. And evaluate what makes you truly happy so you don’t let the pursuit of more money decrease your ultimate joy. There is a reason they say slow and steady wins the race.

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