A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing: How to Make Your Next Campaign A Success


Marketing is a crucial part of every business. As well as helping you to sell your products/services, it helps your company build its reputation. If you are a new business, then the idea of creating a successful marketing campaign can feel rather daunting. 

Luckily, we have put together this beginner’s guide to marketing to help you out. It’s time to start creating your next successful campaign. 

Decide On Your Theme

Marketing campaigns have a dual purpose. As well as helping you to inform your audience they are also there to engage customers and entertain them. In order for you to put out a strong message and build relationships with your customers, one of the first things you are going to want to focus on is choosing a theme for your campaign. A theme will help to hold your campaign together and will help to keep both the campaign aesthetics and marketing message cohesive. 

Choosing a theme can be difficult. However, you can gain some useful advice through articles and blogs online which can help you choose your theme. Once you have your theme you can then begin to create your campaign. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ditch Ideas

Once you begin to put out campaign content it is important that you test how effective it is. For example, you may identify that a certain social media platform works better than another. You will also need to post content at different times of the day to identify time frames where you get the most engagement. These tests can take time, but they are valuable in helping you improve your campaigns in the future.

It is likely that some of your ideas may not work. In these instances, it is important that you ditch them. Marketing campaigns are full of lessons, and you can learn just as much from failed ideas than you can successful ones.  

Use Direct Mail Tracking

There are many different forms of marketing and one that you may be familiar with is direct mail. There are many benefits that your business can enjoy when implementing a direct mail marketing strategy. As well as helping you build trusting relationships with your customers, you can also personalize your content to achieve increased response rates. One of the downsides of direct mail marketing, is it can be difficult to prove financial returns. 

This is where tracking methods can help. Take a look at Lob’s guide on how to use direct mail tracking to optimize campaigns. By utilizing this advice, you can better identify areas of improvement in your direct mail strategy. This is because you will be able to measure KPIs such as response and conversion rates.

Create Clever Copy

Your marketing campaign should be full of imagery and content that is consistent across all channels. It is crucial that you inform, engage and entertain your audience. Try to think outside the box and ask yourself – What will set your campaign aside from your competitors? Your audience don’t want to see stuff that’s been done before so always try to think of sometime unique. 

It can help to look at some examples of successful marketing copy to help you feel inspired. It can be easy for content creators to get stuck in a rut when it comes to ideas. However, there is a world of inspiration out there. The internet is full of useful resources so don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage. 

Set A Timeframe

Every marketing campaign cannot run indefinitely. Instead, you need to set a clear timeline in place. When will the campaign begin and when will it end? Although you should be tracking the results of your campaign throughout, the day that it comes to an end will help you best determine the campaigns overall success. If your campaign didn’t reach the number that you had hoped for then don’t get disheartened. Instead, let it be a lesson. A failed campaign gives you something to work on and it teaches you a lot of lessons that you can use moving forward.

The key thing to remember is not all marketing campaigns succeed. However, it is how you build on them that will help to make all the difference. 

Measure Your Results

Once your campaign is launched your work doesn’t stop there. If you have recently published a campaign and you are not measuring the results, then this is a major red flag. How will you know how to improve your campaigns if you can’t identify what went wrong with them in the first place? When it comes to measuring your campaign there are specific areas that you should be focusing on. Return Of Investment (ROI) is one of the best KPIs to measure as it will tell you how effective your campaign has been based on the quality of leads generated. 

You can learn more about how to measure your marketing campaign through some extensive research. It is crucial that you know what areas to investigate in order to help you understand if your campaign has been a success or not. 

Be Specific 

When creating your future marketing campaigns, it is important to not get carried away. Don’t try to throw everything at that one campaign. Instead, identify one or two things that you hope to accomplish. This will help you better plan your campaign around your goals. 

For example, your business may be releasing a new product. The aim of your campaign may be to increase awareness around this. Ask yourself, how will you create this awareness? What message are you wanting to deliver? Questions like these will help you to stay focused on your goals so you don’t end up going off on a tangent. The important thing to remember is not all of your marketing campaigns may go to plan. However, each one is a learning curve and with the help of these tips above you will be well on your way to making your next one a success. Don’t hesitate to put in research and think outside the box. 

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