8 Essential Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

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Marketing is one of the most important, and most complicated parts of running a successful business. You need to be able to connect your product with the right buyers and potential customers among a sea of other competitors. Marketing is one of the most crucial parts of succeeding as a Financial Advisor because it is a populous space with many competitors.

If you have been trying to figure out how to stand out from your competition, you are not alone. This is a major step that you need to take to make sure you can market your financial advisory business to the right people and do so consistently. This handy guide of tips and tricks will get you connected with the right audience and the right market to bring your skills to the attention of future clients.

Essential Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

1.  Call to Action

It’s a proven fact that people respond better when they are called to do something. When you craft your call to action you want to seem like you are asking this prospective client to share something with you that will help them fulfill a need. 

Examples of inviting calls to action are, “Need to talk? Call us!” or “Apply today for tips and tricks to help you invest wisely!” These calls to action make people feel as though they are speaking with you directly in a personal manner.

2.  Specialize

Know who you are and what you do and then tell others about it! You can’t please everyone, so you need to focus on your target market so you can make them happy! Specialists will always connect with more leads and people automatically trust people that they view as experts in their subject matter. Define who you are and what services you offer quickly and thoroughly on your website and in your advertisements and you will connect quickly with the right customers.

3. Avoid Jargon

Nothing turns people off faster than being confused by your language in your ads or on your website. You will want to avoid using words that people outside the industry will not understand. 

Keep things simple and clear so that your client base is not alienated by talk that they feel is over their heads. You can share some of the jargon and the higher-level information that might be required with your clients once you are talking about their finances, but not before.

4. Create Videos

Everything is done through the video medium these days. Videos are immediate, informative, and feel natural. Clients often feel more personal about contact made through video and it is a great way to show infographics, information, and statistics to them. Videos also have been proven to stick with clients longer because visual teaching aids are usually more effective.

Best of all, video information can be shared readily through social media, on your Twitter, or on your website. Consistent messaging can be delivered on many fronts with ease if you choose to use videos to send out your message. Clients who can see your face, and feel as though you are speaking to them directly will be more likely to come back to you over and over again.

5. Leverage Social Media

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Social media is everywhere these days. It is a great way to connect with people who are not in your direct local area and to meet customers where they are at in life as well as online. Be sure to be inviting and to seem like a real person to these prospective clients. They will respond to your outreach favorably if they feel that you are not seeking to gain anything from them with your content. Make friends with your clients and they will be loyal to you.

6. Leverage SEO

If you are going to make content for your website, make sure it can be found via searches on Google or other search engines. There is no point in making a website that no one can find. SEO optimization is a big topic, and you may want to outsource this task to an expert. Having a website that shows up at the top of web searches is a major factor for the success of your marketing strategy.

SEO work can be expensive to contract, but it is well worth the investment if it makes you searchable online.

7. Use Infographics

Many people are visual learners. Just ask most people who their favorite teacher of all time was and they will mention someone who did fun activities in class or who had really excellent video presentations they used to teach lessons. 

No one really likes to be bored by boring talk without any visuals. Infographics are a great tool to stand out to your clients and to offer them information they might not otherwise have the patience to locate on your site.

8. Invest in Good Software and Useful Tools

Whether you are trying to optimize your daily work life or to optimize your website, invest in the right software and plug-ins that will work hard for you. Buying cheap or going with tools that are not really that helpful to you will just waste time and create more work for you. 

Plus, it’s hard to build trust with your customers if they can tell that you are using budget software to work on their needs. Good software will make your job much easier and will increase client retention exponentially.

Go Forth and Meet Clients!

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Now that you know some of the best tips and tricks to make your marketing plan work hard for you, you can modify your existing model and go forth and conquer! Define who you are as a business and make sure that your clients can tell right away what you stand for. 

The rest is just being meticulous and consistent. Success is made up of many moving parts and unique decisions, but these tips and tricks will get your marketing plan on track in a few easy steps!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.