8 Different Types Of Car Accidents


Car accidents on the road are heartbreaking. Damage worth thousands of dollars to the vehicle and may be invaluable life loss occurs every time in a car accident. In 2019, alone in the United States, 12.5 million cars faced crashes or collisions, out of which half of the vehicles were personal cars. 

Even if we consider a tentative figure of six million car accidents each year, injuries and death might leave us spellbound. With the USA being the busiest region on the planet when it comes to roads, accidents are bound to happen. However, a few car accidents are avoidable if you care a little extra while on the highway. 

In this piece, we have summarized eight car accidents and any possible actions to avoid them. Plus, you can access this guide to the average settlement amount for every type of car accident.

1. Rear-end Collisions

As the name clarifies, rear-end collision means when a car bangs another car from behind. Rear-end collisions happen either because of too much closeness between the two vehicles or the sudden stoppage of the previous vehicle. Such crashes are more likely to happen in traffic or stop-and-go situations. 



These collisions don’t do much damage but can cause you to incur repair costs. You should hire a car accident lawyer because these car accident lawyers are the best agents to claim your damage funds from the other party. 

2. Head-on Collisions 

Head-on accidents can become the ugliest of all on this list. They are deadly as well as dangerous. When two cars driving opposite each other collide in front, it is known as a head-on collision. These collisions often occur because of the driver’s will to overcome the lane in ongoing traffic. 


The best way to avoid head-on wrecks is to stick to the speed limit on the highway. Moreover, you can skip driving in inferior weather to prevent head-on crashes. For ultimate safety, you can bring home a car featuring a lane departure warning system.

3. Broadside Collisions 

Also known as a side-impact crash or t-bone accident, a broadside collision is one of the most common on-the-road accidents. Such accidents occur when a car hits another at an angle, forming a ‘T’ shape, hence called a t-bone accident. 

In such an accident, another car’s side gets impacted more severely than the other. A driver who fails to stop at points misleads the way, takes improper turns, or doesn’t speed down at intersections causes t-bone crashes. Defensive driving training is an excellent skill to avoid mishaps like t-bone. 

4. Sideswipe Collisions 

Sideswipe collisions differ a little from side impacts. When two cars driving parallel to each other collide on the side, it is called a sideswipe accident. The difference between side-impact and sideswipe is that the latter is less severe. 


When a driver fails to check the blindspots before toggling between the lanes, a sideswipe crash occurs. Hence, to avoid such accidents, drivers should always check all the rear-view and side-view mirrors before turning, merging, or changing lanes.

5. Single-vehicle Accidents 

When a driver gets out of control and hits something in the path, a single-vehicle accident arises. When a driver avoids a collision with an animal, cargo, tree, light pole, guard rail, or similar object on the path, single-vehicle accidents take place. 

These accidents also happen when a driver hits another car or dives into a building. The chief cause behind single-vehicle accidents is drinking and driving, drug use and driving, being overwhelmed with fatigue, animal trespassers, and overspeeding. 

6. Multi-vehicle Accidents 

Can you imagine how catastrophic the damage would be caused by three-plus cars? Multiple-vehicle accidents are the worst because they hold mightier chances of injuring individuals or causing multiple deaths. Often, multiple-vehicle accidents occur due to chain reactions to rear-end collisions. Moreover, the car sandwiched between the two receives the maximum impairment overall in such a crash. 

7. Hit And Runs 

Hit and runs are the most common and casual collisions these days. A car strikes your vehicle and runs away immediately from the accident spot. While in most scenarios, the hit and runs are mild, it may leave one party dramatically damaged in a few cases. 


Many hit and run accident causers leave the scene because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of insurance
  • Ongoing legal issues
  • Intoxication

If you are a victim of a hit & run car accident, call the police, gather any evidence, seek medical attention, and approach the insurance company ASAP.

8. Rollovers 

Rollovers are fatal for sure. Car rollovers happen in many situations, but all of those lead to deadly injuries or death. Sometimes, the harsh rollovers lead to fuel leaking from the car or cargo, causing the vehicle to explode. That’s why rollovers are the most dangerous of all. Distracted/impaired/drunk driving, overspeeding, spontaneous maneuvers, and kick-off by heavy vehicles are significant reasons for roadside car rollovers. 



These eight headings make car accidents look pretty ugly, don’t they? Perhaps, in reality, they are more detrimental. After knowing the eight major types of car accidents, you should always be focused while driving on the roads or highways. Don’t think twice before slowing down the speed if you feel it. Because every life matters! 

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