7 Virtual Event Ideas For Your Next Online Event


Virtual events are not only trendy, but they are a basic need these days. To make these events productive and engaging, you need to follow some successful strategies and creative ideas.

An organized and well-managed event can develop relationships and familiarity between your guests; it will also improve your work dynamic and communication. If you don’t want your online event to be a snoozefest, you need to look for the most catching, versatile, and unique ideas or hire an online event management service. In this blog, you will discover the seven best Virtual Event Ideas For Your Next Online Event. 

So, it’s time to dive into the ideas that can magically boost up your virtual fun. Here you go! 

List of virtual event ideas – inspire your new event 

If you want to make your virtual event stand out from the typical events, you can follow our distilled-down list. You can pick these ideas according to your virtual meeting, friends gathering, workshop, etc. 

1. Online office games – most popular

When you are organizing an online event, don’t miss Online Office Games because it is one of the most popular and entertaining ideas for virtual social events. This activity is full of fun as it includes trivia,  challenges, icebreakers, and mini competitions.

Online Office Games are conducted over a secure video conference platform. And in this 90-minutes experience, you can produce a joyous environment, particularly for games enthusiasts. Don’t miss hosting this energetic and engaging opportunity for your mates. The Online Office Games can be supported by Amazon, Google, Apple, and various other organizations. 

2. Combine virtual and real-world experiences – fully hosted

Well, there is no rule that you have to make your virtual event 100 percent online. When you add some real-world components, your virtual event becomes more colorful, joyous, and unique. 

Following are some real-world components that you can use to surprise your guests; however, to go ahead, you can add your creativity:

  • You can use a welcome box filled with swag.
  • You can use different alcoholic and non-alcoholic deals to make your virtual hours happy.
  • For a morning event, breakfast pastries or coffee are good to go.
  • Printed materials, notebooks, and pens seem attractive and best for note-taking.
  • To make the event special, you need to welcome every guest, even if an attendee joins the event somewhere in the middle. 

The real-world materials can make your hourly event unexpected, memorable, and more connected. 

3. Invite pets – fun with fondling

In your next online event, don’t forget to ask your teammates to bring their pets and introduce them to others.

This pet activity will become incredibly fun if any of your guests own unconventional pets – llamas or teacup pigs.

All animals, even common household pets (like labradors and tabbies), should be welcomed like guests, which is undoubtedly a joyous yet free virtual social idea.

Pro tip: If you are eager to score more points with your coworkers, you can mail goodie bags to the pets – toys or snacks can go a long way.

4. Dance party – fire up the virtual floor

If you want to make your virtual event a stress reliever, dance can be proved very effective. Dancing is a fabulous team bonding activity that shows your coworkers’ goofy side. For a virtual dance party, you need to queue up a groovy playlist, invite your friends, and bust a move. Your dance rhythm on the tuned beat can do all the talking.

5. Magic show – tricks, effects, & illusions

If you are at a virtual event with your friends or cousins, a magic show can be proved as amazingly uplifted. A magic show is full of unexpected and appreciative performances. It can create a giggle and a sense of wonder on your guests’ faces. 

6. Pay attention to transitions

It is fed up to be tied in front of a computer consistently. So, for a longer event, meeting, or workshop, the transition can make the attendee fresh and delighted. 

To resonate with the attendee, you can create the following opportunities in between the session:

  • Hiring a band
  • Running for a quick-cooking demonstration
  • Including a fun YouTube video
  • Conducting a rapid-fire interview
  • Playing icebreaker games
  • Inviting a fitness instructor or yoga team

To make your event remembered forever, you need to create fun activities for every participant. 

7. Remote videos – perfect for multilingual attendees

If you want your online event fun-filled and entertaining, you need to add remote videos to your list. It is a fantastic and practical addition when you have multilingual attendees. Video remote interpretation helps you develop a meaningful relationship with participants. VRI also allows the users to have quick-connect times; you can use it for immediate interpreting situations. 

The key takeaway

Virtual gathering on social platforms Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet is helpful nowadays. If you are throwing a virtual social event, you can use the above-mentioned unique ideas as a springboard. Those ideas will make your guests feel as if they are at your place. 

Your hosts’ preferences can also be a helpful guide for your online event planning. Now, only the sky’s a limit for your next online event!

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