7 Best Market News Publications to Follow in 2021

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The dynamic nature of the stock markets combined with surging volatility in the present day makes all stocks susceptible to pullbacks and trend reversals, triggered by recent exogenous market movements. Thus, it is important to follow the financial markets closely to maximize returns on investment, as such external developments generally signal a huge buying or selling opportunity. It makes sense to follow news publications that cover stock markets closely to decide what analysts and experts think about the underlying conditions and make an informed decision before buying or selling your investments.  

Some of the best market news websites are listed below:

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg L.P. is one of the most popular software development companies in the world, known for its proprietary database platform also known as the Bloomberg Terminal. The company maintains a market news platform that provides real-time updates of the markets, along with key insights from analysts and industry experts.

The website also features business updates from companies directly, along with analysis of market movements through the Bloomberg television network. However, Bloomberg News is not available free of cost. Its “Digital” subscription plan comes at an introductory cost of $9.99 per month for the first three months, which allows market enthusiasts to view the top stories and real-time market movements. Following the trial period, the “Digital” plan comes at a monthly subscription cost of $34.99 per month. Bloomberg News website also offers an “All Access” package, priced at $39.99 per month.

2. Plus500

Plus500 covers the crème de la crème events of the market, highlighting its impact on the global market indices. While the company is best known as a diverse stock trading platform, it publishes insightful articles regarding the latest market movements.

Plug500’s unique feature which sets it apart from the competitor websites is that its financial articles shed light on the performance of global benchmark indices, despite being based in the United Kingdom. This allows investors to view a market movement on a global scale, reflecting the reactions of investors across the world.  As a constituent of the FTSE 250 index, the Plus500 trading platform offers more than 2,500 underlying global financial instruments, including equities, cryptocurrencies, and derivatives.

3. Market Watch

As a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company and News Corp, Market Watch is a financial journal and news analysis platform covering the major markets across the world, with a focus on the United States markets. Most of the articles are accessible to the public free of cost, making it a highly coveted website with substantial user traffic.

The platform has an overview section that highlights the performance of the global benchmark indices, and the top stocks with the highest daily trading volumes.  The company also publishes major political news which will likely impact the stock markets and the macroeconomic parameters.  Market Watch’s virtual stock exchange is one of the most popular virtual simulators in the US.

4. Barron’s

Barron’s is the sister company of Market Watch and is a division of News Corp. The company’s investment analysis is managed and published by Dow Jones and Company, and is highly acclaimed in the industry. Founded in 1921, it is a premium financial and investment news channel concentrated mainly on the US markets.

However, a limited number of articles are available free of cost as the website mainly operates on a subscription-based model. The company offers a 30-day free trial, following which a charge of $14.49 per month is levied for unrestricted access.


CNBC is known for its timely market updates and global socioeconomic news reporting. Along with its publication website, CNBC has a live TV option providing a visual analysis of trending news impacting the Wall Street and global markets. Owing to the platform’s global brand recognition and viewership, CEOs and C-suite management teams often broadcast their earnings and recent developments on the platform. However, such events are mostly available to people having premium CNBC Pro access to the channel. CNBC Pro is a subscription-based model, costing $29.99 per month, or $299 annually.

6. Kiplinger

Kiplinger specializes in industry analysis and investment articles covering stock equity analysis. It also publishes personal finance advice and retirement planning services. Kiplinger offers a one-year 12-issue subscription at $19.95, which offers both Print and Digital copies to subscribers. This provides access to Kiplinger’s business forecasts and tax-saving procedures, making it one of the most diverse market research websites in the country.

7. Reuters

As one of the largest news reporting agencies in the world, Reuters’ Finance segment uses proprietary Reuters Market Data System to extrapolate and integrate data from stock exchanges and external sources to its website, available free of cost to end-users. Reuters Finance provides all-round information about a company, ranging from company description to latest press releases and impact of recent market movements. It covers all major stock markets across the world, as well as provides business news headlines and federal news.

Bottom Line

As the rapidly changing markets give rise to “investment noise”, it is integral to filter the top news sources to get accurate information that has the potential to alter a company’s growth trajectory. The above-mentioned list can help investors filter out the most relevant decision, allowing them to increase their aggregate portfolio returns substantially.


The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.