6 Things That Make A Good Trading Strategy


If you want to become a profitable online trader, it is imperative that you have an effective trading strategy. There are different types of assets you can trade online, and you need to conduct proper planning to keep losses at a minimum. If you are still a beginner, you may be in a hurry to make money, but things aren’t always that simple. There are many things you need to know in order to achieve your goals. Here are 6 things that make a good trading strategy.  

• Trading Plan

First and foremost, you must create a trading plan which is essentially a written set of rules or blueprint that specifies each trader’s entry, money management, and exit. In short, this is a comprehensive decision-making tool for the activity, and it helps you choose what to trade, when to do so, and how to conduct it. Before you risk your money, it is easier to test your idea; this is known as backtesting. You can achieve this by utilizing technology to access historical data to check if it is viable. When backtesting shows positive results, you can develop a plan that you can use in real trading.

As the saying goes, when you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Without a solid plan, you may not be able to achieve anything meaningful. Make sure you create a trading plan that suits your needs and also outlines all the measures you can take to ensure success in your endeavor. While you can use someone’s plan as an outline, remember their approach to trading and attitude toward risk could differ significantly. Therefore, your plan must clearly state your motivation and what you want to achieve from trading. You must also include the time commitment you are willing to make in your plan. 

The other purpose of a trading plan is that it helps you outline your trading goals and risk management rules that will help protect your investment. You should identify the markets you want to venture into in your trading. A plan is effective since it outlines your strategy regarding how you intend to enter and exit trades. For instance, you can decide to buy and hold forex and sell at an appropriate time when the price increases. A good trading plan will help you make meaningful decisions and avoid using your emotions when you undertake your trade.  

• Study The Markets

One thing you should know from the onset is that you must stay abreast of the latest news about financial markets. Access information about any other kind of trade you wish to pursue. You can use the details of your trading plan to determine the market you are interested in. For instance, a stock trading plan and forex trading plan are different, so you should first try to evaluate your expertise regarding markets and asset classes. Try to learn as much as you can about the specific type of investment you want to make. Consider other aspects like market volatility, market opening, and closing, and calculate the potential profit you can make from a specific trade. 

You can use technology to your advantage if you want to access information and take advantage of the different tools used to evaluate the markets. For instance, you can choose the best website that provides reviews and the best education about online trading. Professional brokers at www.binaryoptions.com explain that with the right trading tool, you can access guides for beginners, get free trading signals, and learn profitable binary options strategies. When you gain trading knowledge from experts, you can increase your chances of trading profitably. Experienced traders and analysts are committed to providing true information that can help beginners and experienced traders to stay on course. 

You need to remain focused on learning new things every day to improve your knowledge about the markets. This is an ongoing process that helps you research and understand facts that will sharpen your instincts. World politics, economic trends, and news events are some of the things you must stay abreast with since they can impact the markets in different ways. You must know that the markets are dynamic and subject to changes. It is essential to use technology to your advantage to analyze the markets so that you are able to make informed decisions. If you keep current with all the products and details, you will enjoy better rewards from your efforts. 

• Treat Trading Like Business

You must treat trading as a full-time business, not a hobby if you want to be successful. Remember that for you to begin your first trade, you invest some money, so this is not different from any other type of business. To safeguard your business, you must approach trading seriously and not view it as something you simply do for fun. You will lack the real commitment to learning if you take trading as a hobby. To trade viably, you must bear in mind that trading does not provide a regular paycheck. Therefore, if you are serious, it is crucial that you develop a positive attitude to help you achieve your objectives. 

It is critical to set realistic goals which are attainable to avoid frustration when you begin your trade. When you are in business, you should know that you are bound to incur expenses, taxes, losses, and face uncertainty and risk. As a trader, you need to research and strategize since you are a small business owner. This will help you maximize your business potential if you have achievable goals in place. 

The markets are dynamic, so it is imperative to focus on the big picture when you trade. Losing is part of the game, and it must not deter you when things don’t go the way you expect them to. Your emotions will not impact your trading performance heavily once you accept that losses and wins are common and part of the business. You are likely to encounter several risks that can affect your trade. This is the main reason why you must set realistic goals to keep your trading in perspective. You must earn a reasonable amount of money over time. If you treat trading as a get-rich-quick scheme, you may be setting yourself up for failure. This is not an overnight event where you can expect to become a millionaire from your initial trade. 

• Determine the Capital to Use for Trading

Another important thing that can help you make a good trading strategy is to determine the amount of money you can set aside for trading. Never put yourself in a position where you risk more money than you can get if you want to avoid stress. Even if you are a professional trader, you can lose your trading capital since the whole exercise involves a lot of risks. Try to use a demo account to familiarize yourself with how trading functions before you use your real money. You will also learn how to use the trading platform and understand different fixtures that are designed to help you navigate all the variables that can affect your trade. 

You need to learn to protect your trading capital. This can be possible if you exercise financial discipline and train yourself not to take unnecessary risks. Instead, you should do everything that can help you protect your business and only risk money that you can afford to lose. Keep the money in your account until a certain period when you think that it is now expendable. The other thing you must not do is allocate trading money for other purposes like paying your mortgage or any other needs. 

Losing money is often stressful, and this can be worse if you risk all that you have. Raising other capital can be a great challenge. Analyze the trends prevailing in the market first to make an informed decision. As indicated earlier, you must know about the markets and other factors that can affect trade. This can go a long way in helping you avoid making costly mistakes that can affect your entire business.  

• Know When to Stop Trading

Another important rule that can make you a better trader is knowing when you should stop trading. You can use the stop-loss feature which involves a predetermined amount of money you are willing to lose in each trade. This limits the level of risk you are likely to experience since your trade will automatically stop when it reaches a certain amount. The money in your account will not be affected, and this can give you peace of mind. Knowing that you can only lose a specific amount in any trade will help you prevent huge losses. Trading without a stop loss is not a good idea, even though it can lead to a winning trade at times. 

The other important thing you must know is how to exit the trade with a profit. This may not be easy, but you can do it if you exercise financial discipline. Additionally, if your trading plan is ineffective or you have realized that you are an ineffective trader, you must exit the trade. If your plan is characterized by more heavy losses than anticipated, there is no reason to continue with the trade. Your marketing plan may fail to meet expectations due to factors like volatility or changing markets. If you do not see any chance of recovery in the market, it will be a good idea to opt-out and save your money.

When you exit your initial trade, you must maintain your business principles and try to venture into a different market. You must re-evaluate your plan to make necessary changes that can help you start again on a free page. Some traders become ineffective as a result of failing to follow their trading plans. You must take a break if you feel that you are not in good form instead of continuing to risk your money. 

• Evaluate performance

When you start trading, you must constantly revisit your trading plan to check if everything is in order. Always monitor the risks to be able to evaluate your performance. The market prices are constantly changing, so you need to keep pace with all the changes to ensure that you do not record terrible losses. If you are still a novice, you should take on lower-risk trades to have a feel of how the markets function. This will also help you assess your potential for making profits and make necessary adjustments. As you master the art of trading, you can take more risks to increase your chances of gaining bigger profits.


You must select the risk-reward ratio you are comfortable with to ensure that your trade is profitable. At times, you may realize that you lose more times than you win, but you can still enjoy consistent profits. This depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. If you have a higher risk-reward ratio, it means the profits you are likely to generate are double the loss you can make in each trade. While determining your ratio for risks and rewards, try to be realistic and deal with attainable figures. 

You must try to access the latest news updates on different events that can affect trade in various ways. For instance, you must follow the market trends to determine the direction of trade, so that you can make an informed decision. You can also detect the risks you are likely to face, and this can help you change tactics before you risk your money. Compare your current performance to previous performances to see the areas that may need attention in your plan. It also is a good idea to seek advice from professional traders to ensure that you do the right thing.   

Trading different things online can allow you to generate passive income over an extended period. To achieve your goals, you need to understand each of the above rules and know how they can work together to help you establish a viable business. The entire exercise requires hard work, patience, and discipline if you want to increase your chances of success in this competitive area.

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