6 Software Development Mistakes Companies Should Avoid

Software Development

Every business now requires software development to stay relevant and competitive. However, development is a complex project that requires skills and experience. Not every company knows the specifics of software development which usually leads to just a waste of time. While you may not have a CTO in place, you still should know how the development works and what to focus on to achieve your goals.

According to the report, almost 30% of all startups fail just because they spend too much time and money on things that don’t work. Even if you are not a startup but decided to digitise your business through app development, you will want to save money and resources on software that doesn’t work.

That is why we created this guide. It will showcase the most common mistakes companies make when starting their software development so you can learn them in advance and avoid them. 

Considering Cost Over Value

Yes, the development process is costly. But building a simple MVP isn’t a good strategy if you want to get a competitive advantage. One of the biggest mistakes most companies make with custom software development is putting cost over value. It is worth noting that neither too high nor too low cost leads to success. When searching for your trusted development provider, it is best to focus on valuable things like experience, reviews, coding skills and communications skills as well.

If you put cost over value and choose the lower price on the market, you will spend much more on fixing bugs or redevelopment later. You don’t need this. Don’t focus on the highest price as well. While they may be leading in the space, you can still find other worthy options for a lower cost. Research the market instead of going with the first provider you have found.

Misunderstanding the Requirement

Most of the time, even an experienced development team can miss steps or miss vital features just because it doesn’t fully understand your requirements. Every project requires clear and understandable requirements so you can enjoy the results instead of spending more time adding something.

Therefore, you will definitely need a business concept, documentation and a plan. It is best to hire a specialist that will help you perform market research and find points that you need to consider before you give the plan to the development team. When you expect a unique outcome, you should ensure your team has everything needed, as only you know what result you are waiting for.

Vague Project Estimates

One mistake that most companies still make is inaccurate and vague project estimates. It could be both – time and money. Regardless of what we are talking about here, it is crucial for you to avoid such scenarios.

If you want to get a quality product, you need to discuss with the team their timelines. Since they are more experienced than you in software development, you can agree on some timelines, so no one will be affected. Your project manager can also greatly help you accurately estimate the process so the team can finish the product on time.

Using Traditional Development 

Traditional development is creating an in-house team from scratch every time you need software development. While in some cases, it could be a good option, modern businesses prefer to operate differently. Hiring full-time employees is a time-consuming, complex and costly process that requires the HR department, onboarding, documents, paying insurance and other benefits, not talking about taxes.

That is why you can consider an augmented team. It is a modern development model where you hire remote specialists to develop your short-term project. These specialists are provided by a company specialising in IT staff augmentation, and employees work on a contract basis, offering flexibility and cost-efficiency. In addition, these developers can have in-depth expertise in specific skills and industries, making a choice quick and easy.

While not all team augmentation services have the same level of expertise, choosing the right provider, like Deazy, will help you hire intelligently matched stellar developers to ensure your project’s success.

Skipping Product Testing

Not testing your product before launch is a great mistake that may cost you millions. It is especially vital for healthcare organisations and the blockchain industry. Even though testing is essential, not every business wants to invest money in this step. If you hire a poor-quality team, they will also skip testing crucial components, which may ultimately result in complete project failure.

Therefore, ensure you include the testing step in the software development. We also recommend creating proper testing systems in place for both unit and load testing. It will help you get insights into various issues and errors that arise even when the product is developed by skilled specialists. Testing is done to launch the product successfully and not waste time fixing bugs that your users will eventually find.

Unclear Communication & Feedback

A mistake that every company should be aware of is poor communication. This applies to both sides – the development team and you. That is why it is best to hire developers having the same time zone as you, which will help you boost communication. The software development process requires a high amount of communication to ensure that the team follows the process and each feature is implemented on time.

Lack of communication leads to project failure, bugs, and wasting money and time. Therefore, hire a project manager or be the one responsible for keeping close contact with your team, implementing changes and leading the process to success. Provide valuable feedback on time, and don’t wait until the team figures out what you want from them.

Bottom Line

If you want to digitise your business and need software development, you may notice that the process is challenging. This could be especially hard for those with no skills in the tech sphere. That is why you may make some mistakes that are common. Here we collected most of them so you can avoid wasting your time on them and get the best results from software development. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.