6 Leading Retail Tech Startups To Watch

Retail Tech Startups

Retailers are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and stay competitive. As a result, retailers are investing heavily in technology, which has led to a lot of innovation in this space. And with more and more startups entering the market, it will be exciting to see how Retailers will adapt and evolve. This article will highlight some of the most innovative retail tech startups that have entered this space recently and have made an impact on how retailers operate their businesses today.


Rapyd is a payments platform that inserts fintech services into any app and simplifies the complex offering of local payment methods. The Startup has been able to support lots of retailers and has built comprehensive eCommerce solutions. Rapyd lets businesses create a customized checkout flow and easily accept bank transfers, e-wallets, cards, and other forms of payment. The company recently launched virtual accounts for cross-border payout management.


Bolt, led by outspoken Co-Founder Ryan Breslow, has been on a mission to revolutionize one-click checkouts. Bolt enables businesses and e-commerce brands to benefit from amazon like one-click checkout integration and by this smoothing out the buying and selling process. Bolt has been gaining lots of media attention lately due to their acquisition of Tipser, as well as several tweets made by Ryan Breslow. Bolt is also working on a creator integration that, according to Bolt’s website, seems to enable a direct selling experience from social feeds.


With the most advanced solutions for conversational commerce, Rep helps brands accelerate growth by enabling assisted conversational shopping and maximizing customer lifetime value across all channels.

With Rep, brands can effectively build, customize, market, and monetize conversational commerce to increase trust and sales and make better business decisions based on customer requests in real-time. The Startup is led by Co-Founders Yoav Oz and Shauli Mizrahi.


renovai is the company behind the world’s first AI-based interior designer. With the vision of creating inspiring and engaging online interactions, the company developed a complete suite of AI Design solutions addressing all visual commerce needs.

Powered by decades of design knowledge and best practices, renovai integrates with global leading retailers, giving them a competitive edge by providing real-time realistic product display options and hyper-personalized journeys, significantly increasing conversion and average order value.


Namogoo provides digital retailers with what they call Digital Journey Continuity which analyzes mountains of anonymous data and behavioral analytics. The company helps eCommerce brands optimize their funnels by having Namogoo’s platform autonomously adapt to each customer visit in real-time, which then helps improve online customer journeys. Namogoo recently hired two new executives to support global expansion.


Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides online financial services such as payments for online storefronts and direct payments along with post-purchase payments. The company is led by Co-Founder & CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski and has recently announced the launch of Dream Deal Days to celebrate reaching 150 million consumers.

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