6 Great Places To Go Camping In Fall In The USA


Fall camping is a truly amazing experience you can get. Even though the temperatures in this season are lower than in summer, however, autumn has its advantages, which relate to campsite rental prices, which are cheaper due to fewer people, as well as the remarkable beauty of nature during these months, which includes fresh and pleasant air, beautiful forests top shrouded in different leaves colors, and amazing landscapes.

Camping in fall does not differ fundamentally from spring or summer trips, since autumn temperatures in most cases make it comfortable to stay outdoors for some time, unlike winter camping. The main thing to consider when camping in fall is to make sure you bring warm clothes, a raincoat, all the necessary gear, as well as a quality and reliable tent that is good enough to withstand sudden temperature changes, strong rains, and winds. Warm all-season tents with additional features such as a wall tent with a stove for 6 person or any other shelter made for cold seasons, are perfect for such a purpose, allowing you to enjoy autumn camping with comfort.

There are many wonderful places in the USA with amazing flora and fauna, which become even more beautiful one the fall comes. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting locations you can visit during the autumn months.

Acadia National Park

Acadia Park in Maine is a great place for camping, especially in the fall. There are several campsites in the National Park, some of these are open all year, and others you can visit only until the end of September, so Acadia is a wonderful location to relax and spend some great time in both early and late fall. The National Park in Maine begins to acquire well-known autumn landscapes in early September when the leaves on the trees change their colors, and a fresh fall smell appears in the air. So if you are looking for a beautiful fall camping spot, Acadia is definitely one of those places.

The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains is another great place to visit in the fall. The National Park in Tennessee is rich in diverse flora, fauna, and amazing scenery of forests and waterfalls, which together make this place a truly wonderful location for autumn camping. Campsites in the park contain all the necessary amenities, so you can just relax and have a great time without any worries in the Great Smoky Mountains. With a beautiful combination of many forest trails, waterfalls, and colorful leaves on the trees, autumn camping in such a place will turn into a truly exciting experience.

Canyonlands National Park

Located in Utah, the Canyonlands National Park will especially appeal to travelers who prefer rocky and desert landscapes. Just like with other parks, Canyonlands is a great location for fall camping, offering a large area with a variety of trails for hiking and enjoying the magnificent canyon scenery. Also, here you can find reasonable prices for renting a place, which makes camping in Canyonlands a great option for an autumn trip.

Big Bend 

Big Bend is another wonderful national park located in Texas, which is worth visiting. One of the main benefits of this place is comfortable temperatures during fall when the hot summer days are over, but the cold weather has not yet come, in other words, the perfect balance for outdoor recreation. Besides that, Big Bend is not also one of the most popular national parks due to its remoteness, which makes this location a great option for travelers who prefer solitude camping in nature without crowds of people. 

Gunnison National Forest

This one is a truly magnificent place for camping. Located in Colorado, Gunnison Forest is known for its breathtaking scenery, especially during the fall months when leaves change their color and the tops of the trees become covered in a whole variety of color palettes. The best time to visit Gunnison Forest is usually around the end of September and the beginning of October. During this period, it is really beautiful here, also the temperature outside is slightly cool, but not cold, which makes camping in the national forest comfortable for recreation.

White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain Forest in New Hampshire is probably one of the most autumnal locations, as its scenery perfectly captures all of the unique aesthetics we imagine when thinking about autumn, which makes this national forest a great representation of the fall season. 

While camping in this location, you will get an exciting experience enjoying the beautiful landscapes which include forests, colorful foliage on trees, streams, and hiking trails. Besides that, the White Mountain Forest is also a historical national park, so those travelers who like culture and history will definitely find something interesting for themselves here. The National Forest offers a variety of recreation options, you can rent a cabin or set up your own tent at one of the campsites. Thanks to its scenery, this location will surely turn your autumn trip into an interesting and exciting experience.

Camping in the fall is a great option to spend time in nature with your close ones. Comfortable temperatures, combined with gorgeous autumn scenery, as well as cheaper rental prices, make fall the perfect camping season.

Obviously, there are a whole variety of exciting fall camping spots in the US, and these 6 locations are just a few of them. However, these places are really worth visiting. The main thing is to prepare well before going, so pick the location you are interested in, take some warm clothes, and also get the best tent for rain and cold to make your camping a comfortable and exciting trip! 

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