5 Western Digital Careers You Can Easily Start In 2021

Western Digital Career

In today’s tech-driven world, digital talent is more in demand than ever. That means a good bet for job seekers would be to try their hand in the digital field.

While other industries are laying people off, the IT vacancies are almost always on an upward trend. That means any individual willing to learn a digital trade has a chance at getting a job and starting a successful career in this sector.

Take, for instance, Western Digital Corporation, an American data storage and computer hard drive manufacturer. The company currently has 25+ open vacancies for well-paying digital jobs.

The organization is well known for its electronics work, focusing on the manufacture of hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and flash memory devices. With over 60,000 employees and total equity shy of $10 billion, it is any job seeker’s dream employer.

However, considering Western Digital greatly values quality, one must have an outstanding resume to land an interview. To stand up to such high standards, most people leverage skillhub.com and other helpful platforms to craft top-notch resumes that impress the recruiters.

This article aims to assist prospective employees in finding a perfect job at Western Digital.

Firmware Engineering

Firmware is a special type of software that doesn’t need updates or changes of any sort and is created for a specific device. A good example is software that runs an ordinary calculator or your TV remote control.

Firmware engineers are one of the highest-paid at Western Digital. If one decides to become a firmware engineer, they will be responsible for creating algorithms that give instructions to devices such as the ones mentioned above. Here is a comprehensive list of the duties of a firmware engineer.

  • Interacting with customers to better understand client requirements;
  • Creating a solution to cater to client needs;
  • Writing algorithms for devices;
  • Testing and troubleshooting;
  • Following up for feedback.

Undergraduate programs can give you the basic skills required to become a firmware engineer. Knowledge of programming languages such as C and C++ is crucial, and knowing your way around computer hardware would be a major plus.

Research and Development Engineer

This group of people looks into everyday problems a common person faces and comes up with a cost-effective way of dealing with them. From issues as small as peeling a potato to more significant ones like getting the human population on Mars, research and development engineers work to make it easier for the everyday person.

They go as far as redesigning existing products to cater to given scenarios. If you consider yourself a problem solver and the creative type, this could be the job for you. Universities around the world offer Bachelor’s degrees in many fields of research. At Western Digital, there is currently an open position for Principal Photolithography Engineer, Hardware Development Engineer, and other similar roles that require R&D skills.

Software Development Engineer

Software development engineers look into the needs of potential software users. They go on to develop software that would solve whatever problem a client has. After implementation, they stick around to ensure their program is running as intended.

They tell their clients about updates and required additions as they go. A simplified real-life example would be that of a storekeeper who wants to keep track of the sales they make during a period. They would want to know how many items of which brand were sold and at what price.

Developers are the people responsible for writing the code that provides an interface for the shop owner to take control of their sales with a push of a button. The job requires a lot of coding hours and human interaction. But where there is will, there is a way. Most young people actually enjoy coding, despite its complexity. Again, many technology universities offer this program. 

At Western Digital, there are currently numerous vacant software development positions. To name a few of the top paying, there are openings for the Embedded Systems Software Development Lead, Senior Director, Software & Services Engineering and Sr Manager, DevOps, all starting at an annual rate of over $200k.

Software Development Engineer

Information Technology

Working in this department will involve the storage, receiving, and transmission of information or data. This department is crucial in any modern organization, particularly Western Digital.

Storage, retrieval, and transmission of data are the main field of focus for Westen Digital; you can be quite safe following this career path with the company. 

IT courses are offered from levels as low as a high school to prepare people for a world that would crumble in the absence of adequate tech talent. Job openings avail themselves regularly due to the high demand for this kind of personnel. At Western Digital alone, there are over 20 information technology job openings.


No organization can survive without communicating with the outside world. From sending an email to printing large banners, marketing brings an organization closer to its customers.

When a new product or service is brought into the market, its existence needs to be established. This is where marketing comes into the picture. No matter small or big, every company needs a marketing team. While smaller companies employ marketing agencies, more prominent companies often have a marketing department embedded within their hierarchies.

Marketing is the art of convincing people to pay for a product or service on offer. Therefore, those wishing to make a career in marketing need to have good people skills and a knack for presentation.

Having a marketing qualification under your belt can surely help you find employment much easier. At Western Digital, there are currently several marketing-related jobs one can try. And they all pay quite well.

The Takeaway

It’s safe to say that with the current boom in online activity, those familiar with technology will have an advantage in the long run. Today’s world is almost entirely digital, and staying abreast with the changes can be a continuous process.

The best part about technological advancement is that one can work for prominent companies without even setting foot in their office. Working from remote locations is now a reality, one that has come to stay.

It’s highly encouraged that one gets professional help in making these decisions. Whatever your choice, it needs to be that which you enjoy. With the hope that this article has been helpful, let 2021 be prosperous.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.