5 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Business

Twitter Can Help Your Business

Almost 6000 tweets are posted every second on Twitter. If that doesn’t ring a bell in your head, you definitely need to have a look at these stats:

  • 450+ million people use the platform.
  • 82% of B2B companies are active on it.
  • It has a 2.17% higher ad conversion rate than other SM

You see, there’s a reason why brands desperately work to get followers on Twitter. This platform may give you a hard time in the first few days, but once you gather a substantial following, there is no going back!

Still can’t decide whether to join Twitter or not? Well, here are five ways Twitter can help your business:

1. Increase Brand Awareness & Authority

Twitter algorithms push newly posted content to the top. This means your follower count or profile optimization matters less than the recent activity. Even if you’re new to Twitter but tweet consistently, Twitter will give you exposure.

What does that mean for businesses? Opportunity to introduce your brand to new people!

Tweet about what your business is about, what are its values, what are the products/services, and other branding-related content to increase awareness. However, don’t just promote your business.

You must also simultaneously improve the brand authority by tweeting informative and educational content in your niche. This will make your business appear professional, experienced, and genuine.

2. Get More Leads & Sales

According to Twitter, the ad recall is 62% on the platform. People remember the advertisements and refer back to them. They are also likely to visit the attached links, like the tweet, and retweet it on their feed. 

Now, combine this information with the fact – Twitter gives more exposure to recently-posted content. Do you see how this platform is excellent for getting more leads and sales? 

Multiple brands use the power of Twitter to improve their revenues. Some examples include Calvin Klein, Forever 21, and Sony. However, if you check out their pages, you will see that they aren’t only using ads. 

They are also creating tweets with specific marketing goals, posting high-quality visuals, engaging with their followers, and collaborating with influencers. All of these efforts collectively help them attract maximum potential customers.

3. Access Customer Insights

The best part about Twitter is that it encourages users to post content spontaneously and precisely. This means each tweet is a summary of what the person is currently thinking. It is the thought and opinion of the individual.

For businesses, this is a free and effortless form of market research. You can collect valuable customer insights just by reading the tweets they post. Are their needs changing? Is there something you can do to make their experience better?

You can even use Twitter to study competitor strategies and find out their next moves. This data will help you improvise your business approach and adapt to fulfill customer needs better than competitors.

4. Build a Loyal Community

If you use Twitter for business properly, you will get more new customers and followers. But if you are wise with your content, you can also use Twitter to build a loyal community around your business.

These people will not only follow your social media pages and engage with the brand. But they are also the ones who will become your returning customers – hence, improving the customer retention rate.

You can also rely on this community to collect opinions about changes before implementing them. For example, if you plan to shift your store location to somewhere else, a Twitter poll about how the customers would feel about it can help you make a better decision. 

If they vote against it, you will know that it won’t be a worthy decision. After all, what’s the point in seeking new customers when you will lose all the previous ones? That’s like going back to zero!

5. Improve Customer Service

Twitter has a separate section for mentions. This is a great filter that helps you reply to people quickly and improve your customer service quality. 

So, if someone had a bad experience with your business, you can reach out immediately and compensate – before the news spreads like wildfire and damages your reputation.

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