5 Ways to Reduce Your Expenses in 2022

Reduce Expenses

Times are hard and they seem to only be getting harder. Every bit of financial advice on the internet these days is pushing for multiple streams of income, passive income and side hustles to increase your monthly earnings.

While these are great ideas, not everyone has the time or resources to commit to these types of projects. So for those who need a little extra cash but don’t have the time to work any more than they are, here are a few ways to reduce what you’re already spending to free up space in your budget.

Review Your Insurance

What you might not realise is that you don’t have to be paying an arm and a leg for your insurance policies. In fact, there are many companies who would lower their premiums if you told them you could get a better deal elsewhere. 

Your home, health and car insurance are all important expenses, but consider what you’re paying and be on the lookout for better deals. You can start this process by checking out Liberty Mutual Insurance reviews and comparing quotes. 

Reconsider Rent 

Downsizing and moving into a smaller home is a big change with a lot to consider, but this could be a great financial move for someone struggling with their budget.

Talk to your household about your needs in terms of your living space and decide whether you could stand to sacrifice some space. Nowadays, most people don’t need a full dining room, and perhaps you wouldn’t mind shifting from a 3-bathroom to a 2-bathroom. 

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

We all have streaming services, apps and even magazine subscriptions that we don’t really need or use anymore. Who even reads magazines these days?

These are expenses that automatically get pulled from our bank accounts, often escaping our notice. Take a look through all your subscriptions and consider shaving things down to one streaming service and culling all the apps you thought looked fun but don’t really add to your life.  

Audit Your Grocery Expenses

Obviously, we need food to live and this is one expense we really can’t be cutting out of our budgets. However, most of us can stand to cut back a little on the non-essential items and save some money on groceries

Take a look at your grocery slips for the last few months and figure out how much on average you spend on unnecessary items – sodas, cookies, sauces and condiments that you use for one recipe and then forget at the back of the fridge. If it’s looking a little embarrassing, try to be more mindful in your shopping and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Cull Your Debt

Investing or saving for emergencies, trips and other important things in life is a great financial move to make. However, these ‘expenses’ should be reserved for when you’re completely debt-free. 

Putting extra money into paying your debt off quickly will leave you in a much better financial position earlier on in life, leaving you with extra cash in your pocket to invest and save without the burden of owing someone your hard-earned money.

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