5 Unique Outsourcing Vendors From All Over the World

Outsourcing Vendors

When outsourcing made its first appearance, it changed the game. Businesses gained a new way on how to get things done, but save resources and optimize their expenses. Outsourcing is still in high demand, and its market seems to be expanding even more.

IT outsourcing is a prosperous niche with thousands of companies all over the world. And it’s no wonder: every business needs IT nowadays, but not everyone can allocate budgets to support such a demanding department in-house. Hence, companies choose to cooperate with IT outsourcing vendors

What are the real benefits of outsourcing and what are the most powerful players in the IT outsourcing market? GBKSOFT, a software development outsourcing company, guides you to this world.

Why do Businesses Choose Outsourcing?

If outsourcing wasn’t so good, it wouldn’t have so many fans all around the globe. So, here are the main aspects that make it so beneficial.


It’s the main advantage that drives so many enterprises to choose to outsource. Cooperating with a vendor who will cover everything for your project is significantly cheaper than hiring and maintaining an in-house team. Basically, you don’t need to cover employment, equipment, salaries, benefits, etc. It is the responsibility of the vendor. You are usually charged a fee for the company’s services. 

Moreover, you can decide to outsource to other countries, where the prices for software development or IT support are significantly lower than the rates of your country. Despite common beliefs, developers there don’t provide services of less quality. The markets of Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America are full of skilled, experienced developers and excellent outsourcing companies. The drop in prices is caused simply by the different economic climates.

Shared responsibility and risks

Basically, you delegate such big projects as software development to the vendor, and relief yourself from a significant part of responsibilities and risks. The vendor is typically in charge of the project, so the management rests on the shoulders of the outsourcing team. Challenges, disruptions, any other issues that may arise will be handled without your involvement.

Hence, you can rely on your vendor and focus on other core tasks for your business, while the vendor updates you on the progress and requires your involvement only for synchronization and verification.

Access to top talents

The outsourcing market attracts thousands of unique developers. Engineers choose to work in outsourcing as it gives an opportunity to try yourself in different industries, gain experiences with various types of products and interact with people all over the world. Overall, it’s a pretty promising career path. 

That’s why you have a great chance to cooperate with great, versatile talents who can contribute a lot to your current project.

At the same time, through outsourcing, it is much easier and faster to find developers with specific skills than to hire them as employees. So, if you look for experts in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things(IoT), or something similar, you will initiate development faster through outsourcing. 

Easy scaling

When your company is growing rapidly, you may need more manpower to facilitate and support this change adequately. Regular hiring process demands a lot of time, and it would bring more results if you redirect these resources to actual development from the beginning.

Outsourcing companies may offer you already assembled teams that can start right away. Moreover, vendors also may supplement you with a different number of specialists, basically as much as needed for your project.

Increased IT security

Cybersecurity is the biggest concern of businesses nowadays, as even a small breach may lead to irreparable consequences. Ensuring that your IT infrastructure is secure is a wholesome task which demands consistency and strategy.

IT outsourcing vendors may help you establish a secure IT environment, implement security policies. Moreover, due to great experience with IT projects, the vendors have a wide knowledge of weak aspects and possible threats that may arise. Hence, they have already mitigated similar risks and will be able to use this expertise for your company.

Top IT Outsourcing Vendor in the World

Nowadays, the IT outsourcing market is at its peak, so there are a lot of successful, large, and interesting vendors that cater to the needs of different kinds of business. Let’s look through the list of the most famous and captivating companies in the outsourcing field.


IBM, a world-known technology corporation, has more than hundred-year history. Though outsourcing may not be the trait they are most known for, IBM provides BPO, or business process outsourcing that includes information technology outsourcing.


Accenture is famous as one of the most important IT vendors in the world. It has increased its growth this year by 14% and reached a revenue of $50.5 billion, despite the global lockdown and crisis. 


Deloitte is the top consulting firm that helps businesses around the world. Their outsourcing advisory services help companies to go through digital transformation or establish adequate vendor management.


Sciencesoft provides a wide range of software outsourcing services, team augmentation, product development and so on. The company with headquarters in Texas has established 4 development centers in Europe and one in the Middle East.


Cognizant, another multinational company, provides outsourcing services for cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The company offers services for companies to modernize and grow.

In Conclusion

IT outsourcing is a great option for businesses nowadays, and it’s only logical for businesses to take advantage of such services. Thanks to the already developed market, it is possible to find a reliable vendor who can cater to all your needs, requirements, and tasks. 

At the same time, outsourcing may be used as a way to grow, scale and access new markets. IT vendors may not only cover some services your company needs but also create new opportunities for companies. And that’s why outsourcing has such strong positions in the business world.

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