5 Tips for a Successful App Launch

app launch

With the vast majority of people owning smartphones nowadays, they have become a way of life, as have the apps that people download on their devices. Statistics show that, as of 2021, the Google Play app store had around 3.48 million apps available and the Apple App Store had 2.22 million in its library. Considering we are now halfway through 2022, you can bet those numbers have grown. And it’s not just entertainment-based apps, there are apps for everything.

For entrepreneurs, this has become a very exciting business option whether they are launching a standalone app, or creating one that is meant to be a companion app to an existing business. If you’re thinking of creating an app, much of its success will be tied to the launch. So, here are five tips for a successful app launch.

Every Good Idea Begins with Research

Here’s a tip that can apply to so many aspects of life, but if you think you’ve got a great idea for an app – start with research. Has it been done? Is there a market for it? What’s the competition like? This step should be done thoroughly and thoughtfully as it’s going to help to define your plan moving forward.

What Is the Purpose of Your App?

This question should be tied into your research. Ask yourself what purpose your app will serve. It may help to place your app idea in one of the categories you’d find on the app store as that can help to narrow down the concept.

Some of the more popular categories that your app may fit into include:

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Productivity
  • Educational
  • Social Media
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Utility
  • Travel
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food and Drink
  • Shopping
  • Music
  • Medical
  • Photo and Video

The app stores are vast, and it would be helpful to take some time to browse through them to get an idea of the content in each of these categories.

Did You Know There are Different Types of Apps?

Did you also know that there are different types of apps, which is different from the categories they would be slotted in on the app store? The main types of apps are SaaS (software as a service), universal apps and marketplace apps. Again, determining where yours will fit in will help you to build, market and grow it. This will also factor into how much it might be worth once it’s built, which will be important if you plan on valuing or selling it down the road.

Is the App a Companion App?

Now, if you already have an existing business and you plan to create a companion app for the company, this is a bit different in terms of building the app and marketing it. In some ways, it can be a little smoother as you already have a built-in customer base. The emphasis will need to be on marketing the app and showing customers the value it will offer them.

What Is the Pricing Model?

The app store is filled with both free and paid-for apps. Which category will yours fit into? Some apps offer a bit of both in that they are free to download, but some optional features and extras require an in-app purchase or even a subscription. This is an especially popular option on gaming apps that allow players to download the game for free but require them to make in-app purchases to enhance their experience.

This is just a small look at the many important tips that will help you to launch a successful app. For an app to get buzz, and reach a pinnacle of success, there is a lot of work and thought that needs to be put into building it and marketing it, so it’s wise to take your time and formulate your plan.

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