5 Technologies Online Games Are Using in 2022

Technologies Online Games Are Using in 2022

Technology is growing every other day, and different sectors benefit from the high technology. Online gaming is among the top industries that benefit greatly from high technology. Above all, gaming growth is one thing that can be felt globally. Have you wondered why gaming is gaining popularity at such a speedy rate? Well, the reason lies in technological advancement. These online games rely on innovative software and tools from the tech field to improve the overall user experience. As the growth continues, expect more trends in the same field in 2022 and beyond.

This article features an online casino in Malaysia and its impact on the users and the technology at large. Of course, all gamblers always wish for a country that allows the activity to happen freely without imposing extreme rules and regulations. In Malaysia, the government has given the private sector permission to operate a legal sporting business. That is why online casino in Malaysia is among the top gaming activities gamblers embrace in Malaysia. Other gambling activities allowed in the country include lottery, horse racing, bingo, slot machines, and Blackjack games for real money. So, what are the top technologies used in online gaming? Let’s find out below.

Top Technologies used in Online games

The Cloud-Based Games technology

Top service providers like Sony, Nvidia, and Microsoft have cloud subscription services. The cloud services reduce the hardware requirements for playing games online, as long as you have a steady internet connection. Although this technology doesn’t have adequate features and malfunctions to improve the user experience during gaming, the chances are that more service providers are looking forward to providing more services to enhance a better user experience during cloud gaming in 2022 and beyond.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies

You must have heard about augmented reality and virtual reality technologies and their applications in different fields. But have you ever wondered how they apply to online gaming? Virtual reality creates a simulated environment that gives the players a smooth gaming experience.

Note: Gaming was among the top fields to embrace virtual reality before other fields discovered the technology.

Through virtual reality, many businesses and individuals are now super excited to be part of the movement, and the VR market is set to keep rising in the coming years.

Now that you understand how virtual reality relates to online gaming, what about augmented reality? Well, the two technologies work together. Augmented reality is simply a subset of virtual reality. Its purpose is to create the real environment that is created based on the surroundings. So, virtual reality creates a simulated environment while augmented reality creates a real environment based on the surrounding environment.

eSports technology

At some point, maybe you have seen and even played video games that are associated with professional sports, including salaried players, sponsorships, leagues, tournaments, and even live audiences. Have you ever wondered how these videos are created? Well, that is the work of esports. Just like other forms of online entertainment, esports started to shine when the covid was happening, and the revenue was more than $1 billion for the first time ever. The year was 2021. This trend is set to take a new record in the year 2022. Above all, the number of viewers increased tremendously during the league of the legends world championship final in the year 2020. These stats can only tell you that online gaming is set to rise higher and higher in the year 2022 and beyond.

Blockchain, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency

A chain of blocks that can’t be altered with or relocated is known as the blockchain. It is among the top transparent online activities. Any transaction made is always secured. For a better understanding, view blockchain as a database for storing reorganized data transactions. In the field of gaming, blockchain technology gained access due to its operational basis. The purpose of blockchain is to provide a secure platform for cryptocurrencies and NFT transactions, which plays a big role in online gaming.

Now, an NFT is simply a digital asset in the form of accessories, virtual land, avatar, meme, video, and an image, among many others. Every NFT is unique in its own way, and it provides varied benefits like security, fair play, immutability, and portability when used on a blockchain platform.

Note: NFTs can only be used by one person at a specific time, and there isn’t swapping in any way. The reason why NFT is included in the gaming technology is that it provides gains to the players in monetary form.

Again, cryptocurrency is also a digital form of currency used for trading activities over the network. The cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology for transaction activities, and it is completely secure.

The Metaverse

Finally, another common technology used in gaming activities is the metaverse. It is simply a 3D virtual world. The metaverse helps in to connect gaming activities to the social world. Top developers are still at the forefront of creating an exciting user experience on online platforms. The developers aim to improve trading activities, shopping, game playing, working, and socializing at the same time.


Technology is a wide field that keeps expanding in different sectors. Online gaming and betting activities are among the top sectors that rely heavily on improved technologies to enhance a smooth user experience. When you analyze cloud-based games, virtual reality & augmented reality, blockchain technology, the metaverse, and eSports technologies, and their impact on gaming, you will realize that online gaming is set to rise higher in the years to come.

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