5 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Business Computers

Slow business computers are not only frustrating, but they can also hurt your team’s productivity. Of course, you can blame that slow performance on old age, but there are other factors that might come into play. Your computer performance can be bogged down by unnecessary files and applications, cookies, and background applications, to mention but a few. So, what can you do to speed up your business computers? Well, we have some answers and tips that can help.

Reduce background applications

At least 15% of all your computer programs start when you switch on your computer, which increases the booting time. Then, these applications continue to run in the background, and they slow down the performance of your computer. Disabling the unnecessary startup programs will increase the performance of your computer by a huge margin. So, find and disable all the unnecessary background applications.

Update your Software

Outdated software could be the reason your computer is slowing down. Worse even, it could be the loophole for malware that can infect your computer system. Remember, most developers constantly work towards improving the performance of the software. As it has been well explained in this guide, you can update your OS to the latest version as one fix if your business computers are running slow. Ensure you are using the latest computer software tools as well to avoid buggy, slow devices. Another great way to ensure that your computer works fast, is to buy a wireless touchscreen monitor, which is brought to you by leading manufacturers like “Desklab” that offers a wide range of 1080p portable touch screen monitors for business/official use, as well as avid gamers. Such portable monitors are exceptionally fast, 100% lag free and come with a 15 inches screen & brilliant 4K resolution.

Install Antivirus

Talking of matters cybersecurity, one hack to speed up your computer is ensuring that you have installed an Antivirus. The antivirus will help in preventing OS malware infection that can bog down your PC. Moreover, the antivirus will delete unnecessary files from unknown sources which will help in freeing up space and consequently increase the speed of your computer.


  • Use a reputable AV and ensure it is always up to date
  • Do not run two antivirus software at a go; it can crash or cause performance issues in your computer.

Declutter your Computers

Over time, with continuous use of your business computers, they accumulate clutter like unnecessary documents and applications, logs, and temporary files. Computer junk takes up your disk storage, affecting performance. Thus, it would be best if you made it a habit to clear out junk from your PC. You can do it manually, but also there some nice cleaner apps that can do the job for you!

Defragment your hard disk

If you have not upgraded to a solid-state hard drive, as you save data and delete files, the data get written in some hard disk ‘sector’. It causes fragmentations in that the empty portions of the hard disk become rarer. This makes it hard for the drive to find all the programs or information you would want to access. Thus, defragment your hard drive to consolidate the information in your computer in one place. Defragging will make your drive find information faster and besides open partitions to write new information faster.

Wrap up

Speedy computers are quite essential in increasing productivity in your business. So, do not let your computer slow your team down. Keep them running smoothly and, more importantly, take care of their security to avoid attacks that might lead to breaches!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.