5 Points About LBLV You Need To Know

LBLV is a broker, which serves the needs of the current and aspiring traders worldwide. The firm provides a broad variety of financial instruments including currencies, commodities, indices, and equities-based trading services.

LBLV may be a beginner with plenty to reveal. But you’ll know that one trip down your website is trade. It boasts many amazing qualities, but it is not too fantastically distracted by merchants.

1. Types of Account LBLV offers

  • LBLV provides the following five accounts bundles – Rookie, Standard, Premium, Elite, and VIP.
  • Lot size minimum of 0.01
  • MetaTrader 5 platform access (MT5)
  • Choice of the Islamic Account
  • Share smartphone
  • An Account Manager Touch
  • Aid for 24 hours

2. Minimum Deposit for each account

  • Rookie needs $5,000
  • Basic needs $25,000
  • Premier needs $50,000
  • Elite needs $100,000
  • VIP needs $1M

3. LBLV Trading Options

  • Links to the following trade items is offered to LBLV customers:

i) Exchange rates

  • Operating in over 50 currency pairs, LBLV provides links to major, minor and exotic pairs.
  • Network currency traders can also exchange without extra commissions or commissions at high leverage margins.
  • At 0.1 pips, limited spread begins.

ii) Valuable Metals 

  • Customers of LBLV can buy or sell precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium, from industry-leading companies.
  • Leverage selling before 1:100.
  • Price variations commence within a range of 0.01-0.10000 for spot metal trading.

iii) Commodities 

  • LBLV traders may undertake positions without commissions on petroleum, gold, wheat, and other commodities.
  • With an average spread of 30.4, customers can trade commodity futures.

4. Shares and Indices 

  • The LBLV encompasses a wide variety of high-trading securities and 40 primary indexes, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google, among others.
  • The platform makes exchange shares with no fees and reduced margin criteria in over 10 primary markets.
  • Traders may also take advantage of shares which are supposed to decline or short of an overvalued share.

5. Conditions to trade

  • LBTA provides consumers with access to technical measures, automated market schedules, and enables cross-asset purchases with the assistance of MetaTrader 5 (MT5). The MT5 comes with scientific and simple research instruments as well as electronic storage and storage of copies.
  • The MT5 platform is also called Business Scope (business scope), which is a different accounting for order and exchange.
  • The MT5 in LBLV has 21-time frames, with traders being able to pick the required quote visualization for their trading system, from 1 minute to 30 days.
  • Additional data visualization can also be rendered via MT5, including tick volumes, last location, open-high-low-close map (OHLC). Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices are provided on the website, while the Webtrader edition offers instant mobile access.


Although LBLV is comparatively new to the commercial industry, for the time it offered its services, the broker has acquired a significant track record. Even if its minimum deposit conditions seem to be a little high, LBLV is worth trying with money and minimum costs.

This broker is also benefiting from its trading platforms. Based on the MT5, the systems of LBLV are designed to work effectively with desktops and cell phones.

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