5 Must-Have Features to Add to Your Social Media App

Social Media App

If you are thinking about developing a social media app, then you should be knowing the answer to the most critical question. And that is what features you must add to your social media app? Although the answer seems easy but it doesn’t.

The social media app is a source of entertainment for the users as well as information. As a developer, you must add features in your app that are not only entertaining but help the users in different ways.

And if you are confused about what features you must add to your new social media app, then here is the list of a few features that are must-haves in it.

You can’t forget these features to add to your app, or it will affect your app negatively. To make your successful use these features and grip the attention.

Secure Login

Social media apps use the information of the users to log in. And they are likely to share a range of information for better access to the app. And as a developer, you must have to make sure that the information must be kept as secure as possible.

The ability to create a unique user account with personal login settings and identification which allows the users to offer their name, contact information, location, occupation, and other related personal data is the key feature of social media.

Apart from this, different methods to verify the login must be included, such as email, code authentication, or call and text authentication features. Your app has to keep the information of users secure, and if it is necessary to share the information with a third party, then you must add a clause about it on the terms and conditions.

Simple UI

User interference is the most important of any factor and there is no doubt about it. It will help if you consider the UI during the ideation process of creating an app. If you want to create an app like Instagram, you must study the platform in detail.

There are several elements that are incorporated by the UI of the app, including the content and media layout, input control, in-app navigation, and much more. Your app should have a simple UI that is also easy to navigate and allow the users to find what they are looking for with ease and hassle-free manner.

The Messages

The other big feature of any social media is the connection through messages. It is the top feature of the social media app that allows the users to send and receive both public and private messages., Many social media apps allow users to join group messaging that involves group chats and video calls.

People are considering using social media apps to use for messaging. It is considered the cheaper and more affordable plan to stay in touch with people through the app. People are considering this as a most convenient way to connect rather than expressive calls or texts.

Customize Privacy Settings

When you are working on mobile app development, then you have to take care of a lot of things, especially the privacy of the app. So, it is better to give access to the users to set their privacy according to themselves.

Not all user wants to share everything publicly, and not everyone wants to hide everything. As a developer, you can’t manage every user’s privacy. Include the customized privacy option for them.

This is the main social media feature – giving control to the users. The privacy setting should allow the users how much information they want the public to know. The ability to opt out of several forced advertisements and much more like this.

Visual Appearance and Simple Design

Most of the time, the social media app fails to gain followers because of the less appealing design and layout. There are many elements that are not attracting the users, such as the poor color theme, random and inconsistent elements that don’t mesh well with the layout, overload sensors, and much more.

Social media must have a consistent, accessible, and seamless design with relevant and appealing fonts and a sober, suited color scheme. All the things have to be chosen perfectly and promote a united and agreeable user experience.

Wrapping It Up

So, these are some of the must-have features that social media have. There are many elements that make the app successful, especially if it is social media. Features like great UI and appealing layout are compulsory to grab the attention of the users.

And to retain them, you must provide the facilities like the perfect security system and personalization, and when it has the unique feature for the customers that make them stay on your app. So, it is better to include every best feature in your app to make it successful.

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