5 Fun Tech Gadgets For Your Dogs

Fun Tech Gadgets For Your Dogs

Our furry friends have enjoyed somewhat of a pet revolution over the past decade or two. From gourmet dog food to luxurious pet spas, our canine children have been living an ideal life. A dog boarding Sydney owner explains, much like we’ve experienced a massive technological leap in our lives, dogs too are being rewarded with the benefits of a high-tech society. Let’s face it, personal protection dogs are family, and we want to give them the best life possible.

With the vast array of fantastic doggy products on the market right now, it’s a great time to spoil our pets and make them the most futuristic Fido on the block. Here’s a look at some of the neatest gadgets to help your fur baby live its best life.

1. Automatic Fetching Machines

Playing fetch is a lifestyle for dogs. Unfortunately, we humans don’t get quite the same enjoyment after about five minutes of throwing a drool-soaked ball in the backyard or park. That’s where a handy automatic fetching machine comes in. This amazing machine will provide unlimited enjoyment for your dog while you do your own thing. Most of the market features feature different timer settings, distance settings, a safety arc, and a multi-play option.

Once your dog is trained to use it, they just drop the ball in the bucket, wait for the delay, and then it’s back to the races. The products are battery-powered if you want to take them to the park but can also be plugged in if you are in the backyard with the help of a handy 3 prong extension cord.


2. Smart Dog Collars

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of not knowing where your dog ran off to, you know that it’s a stressful and challenging thing. You feel helpless as you search the neighborhood, call the pound and pray that your pup comes back soon. There’s no need for that stress anymore, thanks to Smart Dog Collars. These GPS tracking collars allow you to track the rascal down no matter where he or she disappeared to making this a supreme dog collar.

You can use a GPS dog collar for your dog’s safety, because it will give your doggy the opportunity to use freedom of movement without fear of losing him. Set secure zones for your cat or dog, like your terrace. Discover the minute they take off from one of them, and know when they’re back securely.

And as a bonus, a lot of these collars double as exercise trackers, allowing you to see how much exercise your dog is getting. They also can set different fitness goals to keep your pup healthy. You can put your dog on a program and monitor its exercise and adjust accordingly to make sure they stay on track.

3. Interactive Pet Cameras

As humans, we’ve been able to video chat with each other for years now. It’s brought us closer to friends and relatives overseas or allowed us to have virtual meetings with work colleagues. But have you ever thought of video chatting with your pet? Interactive Pet Cameras lets you keep a close eye on your dog no matter where you are.

A-list Animals Pet Models explains that not only can you see what that little creature gets up to while you’re at work, but you can have a conversation and reward the rascal with treats through an app or Alexa if he’s a good boy. Even more, you can train your dog to call you with a lot of these products. We are truly living in the future.

4. Dog Treadmills

We all know dogs need exercise. But what happens when it’s just too cold (or hot) to venture outside for that daily walk. Rather than staying sedentary, your dog can still get its exercise on a fantastic Dog Treadmill. These portable machines can accommodate a dog up to 150 lbs in many cases and are designed for the way a dog thinks, learns, and moves.

You can program the speed (sometimes up to 7 mph), distance, and time for your dog’s exercise routine. What a great way to make sure your dog can burn off that extra energy that it often has, even though you don’t.

5. Cooling Dog Beds

If you live in a hot climate, these products are a godsend. Sometimes we forget that our dogs are essentially wearing heavy fur coats, even in the summer. That must be incredibly uncomfortable at times. No one wants to watch their pup pant all day long, which is how they release heat from their bodies. That’s where Cooling Dog Beds come in to save the day.

These comfy beds don’t require electricity. You just fill them up with the recommended amount of water through an easy-to-use fill cap and provide a cool haven for your dog to relax on. These beds are incredibly durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for pet owners that have long, unforgiving summers.

Cooling Dog Beds


Yes, the dog life is a good life, and it only seems to be getting better with technology. Our pampered pets are enjoying the spoils of modern-day advancements and living strong, healthy, and loving lives. It’s never been more rewarding to be a pet owner as we can give them better and safer lives than we ever have before. Make some of these gadgets part of your dog’s life. They’ll love you for it and be the envy of all their fluffy friends on the block.

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