5 Easy Secrets To Win The Mascot Marketing Game

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Mascot marketing has been around for ages as brands rely on characters that define their personality and connect with the audience. But creating a mascot that people actually like and connect with is not a mean feat. Moreover, the daunting competition in the business landscape makes it hard to create a memorable one. But several brands still ace on all fronts, from replicating their values to connecting with the audience and ensuring memorable connections. Here are some easy secrets that set the winning brands apart.

Focus on likeability

Marketers often prioritize aesthetics and coolness when designing brand mascots. But these aren’t the factors that win the audience and consolidate connections with them. Focus on likeability because people tend to pay attention and remember your brand when they love the character replicating it. Remember that a great one always entertains the audience in some way. Humor is the key, even when you have a brand with traditional offerings like healthcare services. You can still be creative enough to bring the fun element into the mascot design.

Know the audience

Making a character likable cannot happen randomly. It requires a good understanding of the audience you want to connect with. After all, you cannot expect to impress a set of young people with a serious-looking mascot. You can neither pick a funny character for a B2B brand. The journey of creation should start with creating an audience persona. It will give you a clear idea of their expectations, and you can imbibe their vision in your mascot’s design.

Be consistent

Experts recommend being consistent with your mascot marketing initiatives. Customers have a short attention span, and they can forget you easily unless there is consistency in all the marketing elements. The best way to be consistent is by picking a Custom Mascot Costume that matches the brand logo, colors, and overall look. Moreover, your mascot should look the same everywhere, such as at live events, retail locations, print ads, your website, and social media pages.

Narrate a story

If you want to create a remarkable brand mascot, narrate a story through the character. Customers are more likely to remember stories and recall them when they search for products and services. Your mascot character can work as a shortcut to a marketing narrative by speaking volumes about your values, vision, and customer-service goals. Go the extra mile with storytelling, and you can even forge an emotional connection with your customers.

Deliver a message

While the inherent purpose of brand mascots is to entertain and connect, successful ones deliver a message. Most importantly, they do it so subtly that even the audience wouldn’t know. You can drive them to conversion or even build lasting relationships by acing the messaging game. Focus on creating a message right from the start, but be open to tweaking it down the line for relevance to the evolving circumstances.

Winning the mascot game requires some effort to design a perfect one that resonates with your audience. But it is worthwhile as you connect with customers, win their trust, and retain them for the long haul.

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