5 Creative Tips to Throw Your First Housewarming Party 


Throwing a housewarming party can sometimes be really frustrating and stressful. You want everyone to feel warm and welcomed, yet you’re trying to have everything in control by checking if the food is alright, if the right playlist is playing, and if everyone is having a great time. Especially if you’re new in town and have invited your new neighbors. You shouldn’t have these kinds of problems if you’re a Monica, on the contrary, this will be an amazing experience for you. But if you’re a Rachel, don’t worry, we got you. Here are some tips for throwing the perfect first housewarming party. 

Step 1: A warm party calls for warm people  

You should invite people with whom you feel comfortable, rather than those who are judgmental. They can really ruin your first housewarming party by trying to tell you what to do and how to decorate your own house. A housewarming party is all about celebrating you and your new home, and it’s really important for the first party to feel warm, right, and fun. Avoid bad energy in your new beginnings. 

Step 2: Choose a party theme 

After you’ve picked your cool guests, let’s now think about a party theme. It would be kind of awkward if people only came to check on the house, congratulate you, and leave. Throwing a party with a theme will make things less awkward, and people will have a great time. Just make sure you are not overdoing it. For example, don’t throw a costume party. It would be inappropriate if people came to a housewarming party dressed like Spider-Man or a vampire. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. As I said, it all depends on the kind of person you are. You want to throw a party that will make people want to have a nice conversation. For example, you can play a specific genre of music, play board games, or make dinner together. Whatever you choose, make sure the theme reflects who you are, because that also represents the way you choose to decorate your house.

 Step 3: Standing or sitting

There are two types of housewarming parties; standing or sitting. That is entirely dependent on whether you have yet to furnish your home. If you didn’t, a standing party would be perfect. At least you want to make sure to get a table, so you can arrange a Swedish table, which is a buffet-style table with finger food. If you choose a sitting party and you have finished with home decoration, then a great idea would be for you to cook dinner all together and eat it while playing a board game or watching a nice movie. 

 Step 4: Show gratitude with gifts 

Even though your guests might bring you gifts such as a nice bottle of wine, or champagne glasses, it would really be a turning point if you were the one to give them gifts. It will show how grateful you are that they came, and you will definitely win the prize for being the best host ever. Once the party is over, on the way out, you can give them a little thank-you gift. That could be a thank-you card for coming, a small self-care package, pajamas for when they come over for a sleepover, or anything else.

Step 5: It’s time to clean. 

Since you just moved in, you might not have all of your dishes out of the package. In this case, consider a disposable dinnerware set. After every great party, there comes tiredness and sleep, and you will not have the energy to clean up everything. Well, dinnerware sets are the solution to celebrations like these. You are not only helping the environment by using eco-friendly products, but you are also saving time by washing dishes.

The point of housewarming parties is to get people together and celebrate. The most important thing is that you don’t feel rushed, because you will always think about that time when you didn’t host the first housewarming party you wanted. Don’t overthink it by trying to impress every one, just be yourself and make sure you have a great time. After all, you are the host! 

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