5 Best Ways To Make More Money With Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels has a wide array of money-making opportunities that are just waiting to be tapped into. This software allows you to use your sales funnels efficiently to generate greater profits. This article will tell you about ways you can use Clickfunnels and their affiliate program to make more money than ever.

Clickfunnels is a software that lets you use a marketing sales funnel to increase profits for your businesses. It helps you direct your client proficiently through sales. The way this software helps you guide your client through products may cause profits to maximize in the long run.


1. Introducing Sales Funnels

A common question for any beginner might be ‘What are sales funnels?’ Well, sales funnels are the stages that a client goes through in order to buy a product or service. These funnels are something that guides the client. These may exist in online or offline purchases.

The way a sales funnel is designed may impact greatly on the purchasing behavior of a client. Clickfunnels help you in making better marketing sales funnels. At this point, you must understand that a well-designed sales funnel can have significant effects on generating profits from businesses.

The software is also very effective in tracking customers. Sticky cookies are used to make these customers recurring customers.

Currently, there are various clickfunnels affiliate training programs and courses available online that can help teach you about everything you need to know about creating Clickfunnels and sales funnels.


2. Sell Your Own Products

You can use ClickFunnels to sell your own product by creating a variety of mediums.

You can easily use it to sell physical products through e-commerce. You can even use ClickFunnels to create your own online store. Through e-commerce, you can get a lot of free plus shipping offers. With the help of sales funnels, you can bring in more customers and make more profit. However, selling physical products takes time, and there are also up-sells and offers to consider.

Another thing you can sell is information products.  These products can include a wide variety of things like reports and analysis, Ebooks, cheat sheets, templates, and more.


3. Join The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

To use ClickFunnels, you need to be registered on the website first. You will get tools and strategies that will help you generate leads, sell your products, and create follow-up funnels. However, opportunities don’t end here.

The best part about it is their affiliate program. If you are already a part of their paid membership you can be a part of their affiliate program as well. All you have to do is join and joining their program enables you to earn hefty commissions.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program enables you to earn a whopping 40% commission on any of its sales. This just doesn’t apply to the software it sells. Rather, you can avail a one-time commission on the sale of any ClickFunnels product. It applies to all the products, which are webinars, software, and books.

If anyone joins under you, you will also get a 5% commission as long as they are a paying member. If anyone joins under you and decides to pay after the 14 day trial period for a membership, then you will get a 5% commission.

Payments are done by either PayPal or cheques. PayPal users can withdraw weekly commissions if it is above 50 dollars. Check users get monthly commissions. As you can see, the opportunities for money-making are very lucrative through this program.


4. Utilize ClickFunnels Share Funnels

One way that you can benefit as much as possible from the affiliate program is to utilize the feature called “ClickFunnels share funnels.” Not every person has gotten onto the benefits that can be produced using this element yet, so we advise you to get an early ticket.

The component empowers you to share your phenomenal funnel ideas with other ClickFunnels clients and non-clients. At the point when you share your funnels to other people. On the off chance that they are a ClickFunnels partner already, the funnels will be consequently added to their rundown of usable layouts. Otherwise, the individual is approached to begin their free 14-day trial.

When a free trial is over, if the individual remains and turns into a ClickFunnels member with a paid membership, you get a commission.


5. Build and Sell Your Own Funnels

Once you have enough marketing experience, you will be very capable of creating your own funnels. The one way you can be completely sure you will make money is by selling your crafted funnel to someone else.

But this requires tons of experience and mastery because there is no bluffing your way out of this. You would have to understand all the basics, integrations, and automation of the tool.

But this can be rewarding once you know more about the tool. As a beginner, you can offer your services for about $200-$400 for each funnel, but the more experience and knowledge you gain, the better you can become at this.

Professionals can even charge up to $10,000 for each funnel and you also don’t have to stress over finding a target customer base. Your target base will consist of mostly entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to spare or lack the knowledge to create efficient funnels themselves. Currently, there are over seventy thousand entrepreneurs who are using ClickFunnels and even more people are wanting to use it every day.


Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is an effective and an almost sure-fire way of making money. Whether you want to sell your own products through it or just join their affiliate program, the rewards are, no doubt, satisfactory. However, the tool is not going to make money on its own; you have to know how to effectively use it. Once you get the hang of it, try to consider the above-mentioned ways to get the best out of ClickFunnels.

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