5 Best Financial Literacy Apps for Kids


Most school systems don’t incorporate financial literacy in their curricula mainly because financial education is not considered a key skill needed for one to succeed in life. As a result, the responsibility of financial education is left to parents. Fortunately, there are money management apps and tools such children debit cards that can help you teach your kids the value of budgeting, saving, responsible spending, charitable giving, etc.

By age 3, your kids can grasp basic money concepts. By age 7, many of their money habits are already set. — PBS

Financial education apps allow you to offer allowances to your kids for chores, track their spending, set savings goals, help them invest, set spending limits and many more.

Some of the financial literacy apps and debit cards that you can use to teach your kid about money include the following.


RoosterMoney is a financial education app for kids between 4 to 17. The apps introduces your kids to money through teaching reward systems, introducing debit card to older kids and teaching responsible spending. It basically enables you and your kids to learn about money together.

RoosterMoney Features

The app has features that support most of the things parents and kids need to learn about money.

Chores. This feature teaches your kids the importance of earning by attaching their allowance to chores. You can set chores that repeat weekly or monthly, or even one-off for a specific day.

Pots. This is a feature for saving and giving pots to teach and encourage your kids to save or donate towards causes they support.

Star Chart. This is a reward feature that allows you to set your child’s currency to Stars to use as a reward chart, before they are old enough to earn real money allowances.


BusyKid is a financial app that is designed to provide your kids and the entire family with real life lessons in managing money.

BusyKid Features

Chores and Allowance. BusyKid app allows you to give allowances to kids based on a chore chart defined by the age of the kid.

Charitable Giving. Through BusyKidapp, your kid can donate a percentage of their allowance to charities listed inside the app.

Bonuses. Apart from house chores, you can reward an outstanding academic performance, such as getting straight A’s in their final exam.

Prepaid Debit Card. BusyKid offers a Visa prepaid debit card for your kids to teach them how to manage money they can’t see.


Greenlight is a money app and debit card that offer solutions for you and your kids to learn to earn, save and invest together.

Greenlight Features

When you subscribe to Greenlight, you and your kid will benefit from the following features.

Debit Card. This is a prepaid card loaded with money kids earn through chores. You can set controls and get notifications every time your kids use the card.

Investing. Your kids learn to invest with educational tools in the app. Your kids can buy fractional shares starting from as little as $1. As a parent, you have to approve every trade in the app.

Financial Literacy. The app has financial education resources for you and your kids including videos and quizzes. Greenlight has also partnered with other financial education brands such as Million Bazillion, the podcast for kids to learn about money.


Milestone is a one-stop financial literacy App that help parents raise financially responsible children by providing them with the learning tools and practical money-management skills. Through our app, parents and kids work together as teammates in a learning journey of financial empowerment.

Milestone Features

Learn: complete fun quests, challenges, and learnEarn: complete chords, get allowance and get interest on your savingsSave: set financial goals, and be rewarded in cash or milesGive: Choose a charity of your choice and learn to pay it forward early


Current is a financial app and debit card for your kids to earn to spend, save, and manage their money better. Its Visa card you the control you want over your kids’ spending and your teens the financial freedom they desire.

Current Features

Chores and Auto-transfer. You are able to set chores and use auto-transfer feature to pay a preset amount on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)

Money Transfer. This feature gives you some form of control as it allows you to transfer money to and from the kid’s account.

Debit Card. Current debit card enables kids to spend the money they earn online or offline. One notable feature of the card is the one that allows you to block the card from being used at merchants who are not appropriate for the age of the child.

Savings. The app has a savings features. For instance, kids can round-up purchases to save spare change.

Giving Wallet. The wallet feature is meant to teach charitable giving by allowing you and your kids to choose charities you want to support and then set aside regular donations.

Saving Spree

Saving Spree is an iPhone financial literacy app that teaches savings through fun games, making money lessons fun. The game shows kids how their daily lifestyle choices lead to big savings or big expenses. It teaches them how to save money for short term goals like buying a computer game or long term goals like university education.

The game is presented in game show format consisting of six rounds that test your kids’ financial knowledge and help them build money saving skills. The host of the show is the money smart character called the Money Savvy Pig. Although the app is designed for kids ages 7 and above, younger children can play with a little help from you or an older sibling.


Poor money management lead to many problems including debt, loss of friends, depression, and many others. You need to discuss money issues open with your kids to prevent them from experiencing such problems later in their lives. Teach them the basics as well as show them some news about Bitcoin and other crypto to prevent them from doing poor financial decisions and investing into Ponzi schemes and NFTs. Allowing your kids to learn about money from a young age can ultimately help them manage money responsibly and learn how to invest and save wisely.

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