5 Best Crypto Analysis Platforms You Can Profit From


If someone has to sum up the trading process of crypto, he will say it’s tricky and unpredictable. Upto, to some extent this is true and has made the investors devise methods through which they can solve these problems. The foremost problem in the field of crypto is none other than a non-speculating feature. The sole reason behind this drawback is volatility. Volatility causes the variation in prices to many ups and downs. There is no limit up to which currency can plummet and fall. Thus, every investor depositing a sum in the digital chain is always cautious of this point. Many sincere people who made investments in this cryptocurrency at thequantumai are now profiting millions from it.

Thus, making profits is a bit different from the real perspective of an investor. Though in the outside world, it is always said that crypto is easy and guaranteed results are seen, from the above lines, it should have been clear that this is not completely true. In this article, we are going to discuss the tools that can help you analyze the trends to make profits.

Crypto analysis platforms – An overview

To the rescue of those customers who do not know about predicting the future of their portfolio, crypto analysis is there. These tools have some indicators related to the process that can help to decide the future action of the same and can help the investor in the end. Some of the platforms have the facilities of on-chain data that records the number of transactions happening on some platform and thus makes the process simpler and more transparent. The metrics including analytics and other social analysis help investors to learn various market dynamics and help the community to grow as a whole. 

Some of the best crypto analysis platforms

Lowering the risk and profits high is the basic principle of a crypto analysis tool. Some of the best analysis tools of the current time can be summed up as

  • Coinigy 

The feature of enabling the combination of all types of wallets and different exchange accounts is possible with Coinigy. The API keys of all the platforms can be used for this purpose and presently there are more than 50 crypto trading platforms that you can manage on Coinigy. All the different bitcoin exchanges can be easily summed up in a single interface making it one of the most popular analysis tools.

  • CoinMarketCal

This platforms helps you gather information about various important events happening over the different digital platforms so that these can be used for the benefit of the investor. This platform helps an investor to decide his doubts about which currency he should finally opt for and which currency to drop. 

  • Coin metrics 

This platform was formed in 2017 and is considered the best on-chain and off-chain crypto analysis platform. There is a set of researchers, analysts, and other investors that pool their information on this platform, thereby helping others to get along with the process of profit-making. More than 100 crypto assets are supported by this program and there are additional add-ons that you can add according to your needs.

  • CryptoView

All your crypto holdings can be tracked using this platform. Third-party wallets, different exchange platforms, and other cold storage sites can easily be stored on this platform. The real-time information can be streamlined along with different crypto tactics allowing users to manage different trading platforms. 

  • CryptoWat.ch

The most underrated and underappreciated crypto analysis tool is none other than CryptoWat.ch. Its users can get real-time updates about prices, volume, and other data related to orders from over 900 different exchanges online. The other advantage of using this platform is assistance in deciding by providing a dedicated customer support team.

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