5 Best Card Readers For A Small Business

Looking for a way to drive sales and overcome the hassle of payment processing? Well, a good card reader can make all the difference. It won’t only make it easier for you to take card payments but it will also give your business an upper edge in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Whether you need an affordable card machine or one that you can readily integrate into your smartphone, the following card readers can work perfectly for you.


Sumup Card Reader

With affordable, flat-rate pricing, this card reader looks set to solve all your business needs. SumUp offers stellar customer support, a highly interactive interface, and reliable help.

Though very simple, this app has got everything you need. It’s packed with unique features such as SMS terminals plus virtual terminals. Whether you’re a beginner or a savvy business owner who needs to keep costs low, SumUp has got you covered. No monthly fees. Simple reporting. User-friendly app.


Izettle Card Reader

iZettle is the true definition of perfection. This award-winning card reader features a sleek design and flexible payment options. It makes it easier for you to accept chip, pin, and contactless payments from nearly all card types (including Android Pay as well as Apple).

Compared to other mobile card readers, iZettle is 25% faster. Its transfers are super-fast: money will hit your account within 48 hours. And the battery life is incredible, lasting around eight hours. Plus, you can use this card reader with receipt printers, barcode scanners, as well as cash drawers- or you could simply hook it up to your tablet or smartphone for much ease.

With ultra-low costs plus high-quality apps, the iZettle card reader is an incredible alternative to traditional payment processing methods. It’s a great investment for tech-oriented and budget-conscious businesses. Nimble design. Flat rate fee. Eight-hour battery life. That’s what iZettle offers.


Square Chip And Pin Machine

Square comes with action-packed features. Payment processing fees are ultra-low (only 1.75%). And the card machine is considerably cheap. You can accept mobile payments as well as digital receipts, which can really boost your business making it attractive to the most demanding clients.

This high spec device is easy-to-use and will definitely help you stand out as a forward-thinking business. Customers can key in their pins on your phone’s or tablet’s screen instead of tapping buttons on a keyboard/keypad. If you’re a small business owner who wants to keep costs low while still offering quality services, Square has got you covered. Prices are transparent, transaction rates are low and there are no monthly fees or lock-ins.


Worldpay Card Reader

Worldplay is a leading payments provider offering reliable countertop, mobile, as well as virtual card readers. All you need is to pick what’s right for you. Even more, there are numerous contract plans- from Pay Monthly to Pay As You Go, you got all the flexibility to choose what’s perfect for your small business.

The card reader is highly adaptable and even work without wifi. Thus, if you’ve unstable connections, Worldpay can be a lifesaver. It offers robust fraud protection plus complete PCI compliance.


Magtek 21040145 Sureswipe Reader

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable as well as versatile way to process payments, then look no further. MagTek is a powerful card reader that makes it easier and faster for you to receive payments using Mac, an existing POS terminal or a personal computer (PC). However, it’s important to note that the reader is meant for swipes only- not NFC or EMV payments. Still, SureSwipe is highly durable and flexible. It can upgrade to virtually all POS systems and no separate drivers are required.


The Bottom Line

Running a small enterprise means receiving payments on a daily basis. But nowadays, most people are moving away from traditional methods like cash or cheques. They prefer digital payments like debit and credit cards. But how do you accept these? The card readers mentioned above will make things simpler for you.


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