4 Ways to Make Easy Money: Online and Offline Options for Everyone

Ways to Make Easy Money Online and Offline

On average, American working professionals bring home an estimated $54,132 per year, depending on their educational background, state, and other factors. But with the rising threat of inflation bearing down upon the American public, it is no surprise that many people are looking for different ways to put extra money in the pot.

Fortunately, money-conscious American families have several options to boost their income online and offline, including selling preloved clothing, becoming a pet sitter, using car buying sites to sell old cars, and letting out their spare bedrooms. But how do you know where to start? And more importantly, how do you know which money-making tactics are legitimate?

Remember that not all money-making options provide fast cash as some people would like; many are slower-moving but offer big payouts in the end. To help you determine which online and offline money-making options are viable, we’ve outlined several ways to make easy money in our article below. Continue reading to find out more.

Sell Preloved Clothes

We’re all guilty of whipping out our phones and using them to treat ourselves when feeling low. Be it clothes, cosmetics, shoes, or furniture — our mobile devices make it easier than ever to spend our money. But what about selling?

If your guilty pleasure is fashion, you’ve probably got hundreds of dollars of stuff lying dormant in your closet, which another person would happily start wearing today. Like that fuzzy pink designer sweater you thrifted a couple of months back, or that pair of low-rise jeans that didn’t suit you as much as you’d thought.

Whatever it is, you could put your phone to better use, earning money instead of spending it by selling your preloved clothes. Fortunately, thanks to advances in mobile technology, hundreds of mobile applications can be used to sell just about anything!

Some of the most popular mobile applications for selling clothes are Depop and Vinted, which allow you to declutter your closet and sell unwanted pieces of clothes from the comfort of your home.

Depending on which ones you use, it’s as easy as typing a description, snapping a photo of the item, uploading it to the app, and waiting until you get a notification to say it’s been sold. However, be aware that some clothing apps will take a cut of the overall sale price!

Sell Your Old Car

With significant purchases like electronic items and cars, we often find it trickier to let these items go than others.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent a lot of money on them. Maybe we think there’s a chance that they might become helpful to us further down the line or that we could pass them down to our children when they get older.

However, if the item in question is your old Mini Cooper from your college days that has lied dormant for a decade, it might be time to bite the bullet and sell it for some easy money. On average, you can sell old vehicles to car-buying sites for around $5,000, but this price can increase depending on the car’s brand, age, and condition.

Either way, whether you get an asking price of $5,000 or $15,000, it’s still a sizeable chunk of money that would benefit your bank account more than an old car taking up space in your garage.

Depending on how fast you’d like the money, you could go down the route of private sale or consider using car-buying sites like CarBrain, which not only pay cash for junk cars but can take it off your hands and pay you cash within 48 hours. Unlike private selling, which can take a while to attract buyers, selling your old vehicle through car-buying sites is quicker, affordable, and effortless.

Become A Pet Sitter

You’ve probably heard of a babysitter, but you might not have heard of a pet sitter. People require others to look after their pets all the time, whether they’re going away for a couple of weeks on vacation or heading on a business trip for a couple of days. So, if you’ve always been more of an animal-person than a people-person, you could consider making a few extra cents by pet sitting.

Depending on what services pet owners require, you might find your daily duties involve feeding and walking their animals over a flexible period that could range from a couple of days to weeks. Plus, although cats and dogs are two of the most likely animals you’ll meet as a pet sitter, you could be asked to look after some tropical/exotic ones like ferrets, reptiles, or birds, which is a fantastic way to learn about different animals.

Whether you advertise your services online by posting on your local neighborhood Facebook page or choose to sign up for mobile applications like Rover or Scout, which put you in contact with local pet owners that require on-demand walking services, there are many ways to get your name out there. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll have no shortage of extra cash.

Rent Out Your Driveway

Nowadays, most properties come complete with a driveway since 89% of American adults have a registered driving license. Yet, what about the small percentage of American adults that cannot drive and have a property with a driveway? If you’re in this position and want to make some easy money, why not consider renting your driveway out to other motorists?

Using websites like Your Parking Space and Just Park, you can advertise any driveway or off-road parking available at your property hourly, daily, and even long-term. All you need to do is sign up, set the hourly rate, set the times the space (or spaces) is available, and be ready to start making money.

Although a slightly more unorthodox way of making easy money, if you live in a prime location that is near the city center, local attractions, or colleges, you’ll find that your ordinarily empty parking spaces will be constantly filled by commuters, students, and many other people trying to get as close to their destination as possible.

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