4 Ways to Develop Your Career

Whether you are already working and want to move up the ladder, or have just started to consider the career you would like to have, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Having a clear set of goals and a good idea of how you are going to achieve them will all help to pave the way. You may, of course, deviate from your original plan as things develop and unfold, and that’s ok too. There are many ways to get to where you want to be, you just need to consider all your options. Here are 4 ways to develop your career.


Get the right qualifications

Whether you have always dreamed of being a high flying criminal lawyer or want to start an accountancy business, for example, then you need to work towards obtaining the right qualifications before embarking on your journey. Whether it be attending your local college or studying at one of the top London universities, you need to establish the educational requirements and work towards obtaining them. Your chosen field may well dictate the college or university you decide to attend. Many specialise in certain careers and subjects, and attending a prestigious educational facility could be favorably looked upon by recruiters further down the line.


Establish if there are any existing or future opportunities

If you are already working for a company that you love and would prefer to stay at, find out whether there are any existing or future opportunities that you might be suitable for. This will not only ensure that your superiors know that you are loyal and keen to progress within the company but could also lead to you being advised of any new roles or organisational changes before they happen.

For example, there may be opportunities for you to transfer to another office or even different countries. Such moves are generally managed via a relocation service company who will work with your employer to facilitate the process.


On the job training

Whilst you may be 100% competent at the job you currently do, it’s a good idea to widen your knowledge and skills wherever possible, particularly if those skills will help you reach your career goals. If there are any areas in which you feel you lack experience, but those skills would be relevant to the position you would like to end up in, speak to your line manager and ask for additional training. The better equipped you are, the more likely you are to progress.


Pastures new

Whilst you might love your current job, get on well with your colleagues, and be quite happy staying put for the next 10 years, it could end up staggering your career development. It’s very easy to become comfortable and stick with what you know, but is that going to help you move up the career ladder? If you have been with the same company for a long time and still haven’t achieved what you set out to do, it could be time for a change. Find out what other opportunities are available based on your skill sets and start applying for positions within other companies.

Regardless of where you end up and the career you end up having, the most important thing is to be proud of your achievements and never have any regrets.

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