4 of the Best Investments for Seasoned Investors to Make In 2023


The term ‘investing’ can cause our brains to conjure up wild images of the London Stock Exchange or of much older, wealthier people that are much further along in their professions than others. However, you don’t have to be the Wolf of Wall Street to be successful at investing, and even if you’ve only set aside a small lump sum to start investing, your yield will soon begin to increase. 

Fortunately, no matter your age, gender, profession, etc., there are hundreds of ways for people to get their foot into the world of investing. However, if you make the correct investment decisions, they can set you on the path to financial freedom, yet not all of them will lead you down the road to victory. 

From the stock markets and cryptocurrency to buying/selling gold bars and real estate – there are loads of investment opportunities for investors of any age or capital. If you’re unsure which opportunities to take advantage of, we outline several of the best investment opportunities for seasoned investors in 2023 – continue reading to find out more. 

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

One of the best investment opportunities for seasoned investors in 2023 is ETFs which stands for exchange-traded funds and offers investors an opportunity to put their money into a wide array of bonds or shares in one package deal. Typically, they follow a specific market, which causes investors to draw similarities between ETFs and index funds. 

Yet, there are a few key differences between how they’re purchased/sold and the fees included. Investors that wish to purchase shares of ETFs must go about it just like they would when buying shares of an individual stock. Unlike other funds that can only be traded once daily, ETFs can be purchased/sold throughout the day. 

Whether you’re buying or selling an ETF, you’ll see that it has two prices; one for which you can buy the ETF and one for which you can sell it. This difference is called the ‘spread’. ETFs are a sound investment for investors that don’t have enough capital to meet the minimum investment requirements for mutual funds since ETFs are known for being more cost-effective. 

For those interested, you can buy/sell ETFs through platforms like Freetrade, eToro, InvestEngine, and Interactive Investor, which are featured on several of the best platforms for ETF investing lists. However, just because they’re considered ‘safer’ than other funds doesn’t mean they don’t carry their own risks, so ensure you do your research before diving into the ETF world. 

Buying/Selling Precious Metals 

Precious metals have been recognised as valuable commodities for centuries, and as a result, they still have a place in modern-day investors’ investment catalogues. Although the most common precious metal to invest in is gold, it isn’t the only choice for investors that want to dabble in precious metals from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. 

However, gold is considered the safest choice as it helps protect against inflation and its price is less affected by supply and demand like other investment opportunities. Generally, the most common reasons for wanting to invest in gold are as follows: 

  • Inflation – Many investors are drawn to precious metals like gold and silver because fiat currency decreases in value when times of inflation strike. But gold and silver have stood the test throughout history and continue to hold their value, which makes it one of the most popular reasons for investing in them.  
  • Concerns With Centralised Authority – When banks, fiat currency, or political stability are questioned, precious metals have always been considered a ‘safe haven,’ as they are generally viewed as an excellent way of protecting and promoting wealth. Many investors wish to own physical coins or bars due to the privacy and control of being outside the traditional financial system.
  • Crisis And Conflict – During times of political turmoil or conflict, the trading of precious metals has continuously increased as it’s a straightforward way of turning savings into something that can be used for shelter, food, travel, or any other necessity. Small silver coins especially are popular to hold as they could be used to barter for goods if the current monetary system failed.

Regardless of your reasons for investing in precious metals, there are various ways that you can add them to your portfolio. Many options are available for diversifying your investment portfolio from commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and common stocks to certificates and mutual funds – there are many ways to choose from. 

One of the most popular ways to invest in precious metals is by using specialist bullion dealers like Physical Gold, who can help you sell your gold bars to physical gold, purchase gold or silver coins/bars and much more. Whether you’d like further advice or to kick-start your precious metal journey, consider using their website to learn more about this investment opportunity today. 


Another of the best investment opportunities for seasoned investors is buying/selling digital currencies, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. In short, cryptocurrencies are digital coins that use cryptography to secure transactions and records, which gives users a sense of anonymity when purchasing services or goods. 

Nowadays, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and dozens of other popular cryptocurrencies are being used as an alternative way of paying for items from various stores – a few of which may surprise you! 

Yet, despite their growing popularity, cryptocurrency is still relatively new to investors, and as a result, only a little is known about them.  Due to this, cryptocurrency is generally not recommended to beginner investors and only to seasoned investors who wish to expand their investment portfolio beyond traditional investments. 

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in digital currencies, from giving investors transaction freedom and the social experience gained to its equity potential and being a long-term store of value, plus many more. 

For those interested in cryptocurrencies, there are many ways to get started. Whether you invest in cryptocurrencies directly, cryptocurrency companies, or cryptocurrency-focused funds, there are several ways to add digital coins to your investment portfolio. However, it is worth remembering that they could lose popularity as quickly as they gained – so ensure to do your research first. 

High-Yield Savings Account 

Signing up for a savings account with your local bank can be one of the most straightforward ways to earn interest on your savings. Yet over the last several years, people have turned away from them due to the rates going down to as low as 0.13%, which has led people to believe that it’s not worth the hassle of opening an account. 

One way that investors have been getting around these lousy interest rates offered by banks is by opening online savings and cash management accounts like the ones from renowned providers and building societies, which are accredited as some of the best high-yield saving accounts for investors to opt for. 

Online savings and cash management accounts, like the ones mentioned above, offer more flexible rates than the ones provided by banks. Depending on which one you decide to open, they can offer various benefits for you and your finances. Savings accounts are excellent if you only need to access your money in emergencies or when you’re saving up for a significant purchase. 

Yet cash management accounts are a better option for those that want more flexibility in their savings and, in some cases, higher interest rates. If you’re new to these sorts of accounts, it is best if you aim to save around three to six months of living expenses and then transfer them over to one of these accounts, which you can let build interest over time or put towards other investment opportunities. 

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