4 DeFi Metaverse Blockchain-Based Games to Invest In


NFTs are growing in popularity in the metaverse. One exciting development for gamers and techno-geeks is the expansion of NFT based gaming applications. Here we’ll discuss a few great options that you can try. These are play-to-earn options so you have the chance for financial gains as well as an entertaining gameplay experience. Since there are several genres represented in this list, one or more are bound to appeal to you.

Battle of Guardians

The creation of 4 gamers who wanted to understand Metaverse gaming dynamics as well as score sweet Metaverse crypto, this fighting-oriented game is located on the Solana network.

Built by Unreal Engine, the game allows conflicts in several virtual realms. When players win, they receive monetary rewards. The in-game currency is required not only to enter tournaments but also to acquire NFTs.

What makes this game appealing:

  • It will appeal to fans of science fiction.
  • Excellent graphics create an immersive and pleasant experience.
  • There are defined fighting principles that help make battles realistic and plausible.
  • Unique NFTs provide real-world financial incentives.
  • The Solana Network provides an established foundation with long-term potential.


RaceFi is an NFT ecosystem that allows a virtual automobile racing platform. Players are allowed to own all aspects of the game via verifiable NFTs. They can earn both cash and unique blockchain games via playing a variety of games or by ownership of in-game real estate.

There are many options available to players. These include:

  • Pure racing as well as a combination of battle and race.
  • PvP mode, which positions the race in the background to keep things fair.
  • PvE mode, which allows players to win cash gaming tokens as well as experience points.
  • Options for pure racers as well as gamblers.

High ranking players are rewarded on a quarterly basis. Players must upgrade vehicles to qualify for battle mode, and matches max out at 8 racers, so players are encouraged to enter contests in a timely manner. Instead of arbitrary limits, participants compete until only one emerges triumphant.


This highly skilled cryptocurrency game is based in a fantasy realm. The game sets out not just to entertain but also to educate. It hopes to appeal to worldwide crypto and equity enthusiasts. Simultaneously, these players can learn about making money in the markets while they play an interactive and visually beautiful game that allows them to experience the first fantasy trading platform.

Rainmaker allows players to improve investment methodologies and test strategies and procedures to motivate them to learn more not only about trading mechanics but also to be more informed about real-world events. Data is utilized to help users keep tabs on important global news, analyze changes in financial markets, and set up data exchanges.

Users can win real money via crypto fantasy trading as well as trading in stock and commodity markets. Players can also enter contests that increase opportunities for financial gain.

One great feature is that legal precedents have been meticulously adhered to and verified by reputable established law firms that understand the gaming space.


Polygonum uses the POG coin as part of its multiplayer survival format. Access is via the Binance Smart Chain. It’s a simulation that allows players to not only buy, sell, and trade in-game objects in the in-game marketplace, but also to form cooperative communities, purchase NFTs, create regions, manage farms, and mine coins and minerals.

The open gaming environment has three types of zones. In addition to PVP (player-versus-player), and PVE (hunting and exploring), there is also a FARM zone dedicated to farming. Players can enjoy the virtual natural environment by hunting, fishing, or mining. Story arcs are intriguing and provide missions for adventurers. The division based on activities allows players to enjoy the niche that best suits them.

Competitive players can compete with each other by taking territories and fighting battles as well as plundering others’ loot. They can also band together to protect their communities, and construct barricades for self-defense.

Farmers, on the other hand, live a more peaceful existence as they care for livestock and harvest crops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFT-Based Gaming

Transfer of Ownership

NFTs are easily traded with transactions recorded on the blockchain. Players can easily buy and sell in-game treasures.

Security and Uniqueness

Because in-game assets are non-fungible, they cannot be replicated, lost, or stolen.


Ownership of NFTs are verifiable and available publicly via blockchain. Each item is also given full transparency and verified scarcity by blockchain explorers.

Branding and Creativity

Because NFTs are accessible through a variety of publicly accessible marketplaces, they raise recognition of their brand. With their incorporation of novel creative features, they can also be pique new interest.

Concerns over Uncertainty

NFT based crypto assets can be subject to speculative bubbles like any other asset.

Environmental Concerns About Blockchain Technology

Another downside to the blockchain technology behind NFTs is the environmental impact.

While there are some disadvantages to NFT games based on blockchain technology, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is a nascent technology with great potential.

As you can see from the list, a variety of genres are accessible. NFT gamers can enjoy exploring virtual worlds while potentially earning monetary rewards. A world of pleasure and potential profits await gamers in the metaverse.

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