3 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Smoke the CBD Flower


Most times we are asked why we opt for the CBD flower yet it does not have the kind of high that other cannabinoids such as THC have. CBD is actually known as the ‘wine of cannabis’ it’s easy on the highness but still gets the job done. With a lot of strains being developed with high TCHC contents ‘how high can I get’ has become a debilitating game for most cannabis smokers.  Therefore, to avoid such situations it is best to keep the ‘high’ medium to ensure proper physical and mental functionality.

1. Avoid the Side Effects of Being High

THC gives you the couch ridden high which some people may prefer as compared to CBD’s mild highness. CBD does not produce that intoxicating highness but you will still achieve the feeling of relaxation and soothing impact you are looking for. Additionally, it does not produce the effects that THC does which are; dry mouth, slower reflexes, body coordination issues, and increased appetite ( you won’t stray from your fitness journey).

2. It’s a Healthier Option

Smoking and healthy in the same sentence, that’s an oxymoron right? We are constantly being told about the dangers of smoking however smoking CBD flower can help you fight some addictions such as smoking tobacco since it is used to supplement the oral fixation. Furthermore, it helps you deal with withdrawal symptoms such headaches and much more. Contrary to what many may think CBD does not have an addictive effect simply because it does not have high intoxication levels. A 2017 WHO report revealed that evidence after human experimentation revealed that CBD does not have potential abuse associated with it.  A study done in 2016 among adults aged 31 revealed that CBD did not have side effects associated with THC such as fast heart rates and ecstasy. Therefore, it is okay to term CBD as a safer and healthier option compared to other cannabinoids. You can learn more about the benefits CBD offers on https://urbanmatter.com/

3. You Do Not Have to Make a Decision on When to Use it

Unlike THC you can use CBD at any time of the day since it does not render you useless. You can use it to cool your anxiety and still proceed with the day’s activities. Therefore, if you have a presentation and are nervous you can take your does of CBD and still stay functional all through the day. It is hard to stay functional when you are high on THC therefore, consider your responsibilities and go for the best option that will keep you in sync with whatever is going on around you and not knock you out completely .


Smoke weed everyday is a popular hip hop line definitely misleading but thanks to CBD now you can enjoy your dose or puff every day at any time you feel like and still keep your sanity intact. If you are struggling with addiction or are using it for medical purposes then you can be sure that this the healthiest strain among the various cannabinoids available in the market. But still you need to use it responsibly.

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