3 Best Kratom Strains for Proper Sleep


People who struggle with insomnia have multiple medication options available at the counter to manage it. Sleep disorders affect over half of American adults. The sleep disorder statistics reveal the number of people with these disorders and how it affects society. For example, 4% report sleeping while driving; this statistic is responsible for 1500 accidents annually. Kratom is the most recent option added to the medication list. The plant originates from Indonesia improves sleep naturally. If you consider using Kratom, the following information will help you understand it.

Types of Kratom Veins


Kratom types come in three colours. The colour depends on the origin of the leaf veins; it can be green, white, or red. Each colour has a different function. For instance, green vein Kratom provides energy, focus, and pain relief. White Kratom stimulates the mind for alertness. It is similar to coffee as it leaves the users restless and energetic. Red vein Kratom relaxes and relieves stress. It is the perfect sedating ingredient to manage insomnia. 

Kratom Strain for Proper Sleep  

Proper sleep

The types of strains include the following.

1. Red Indonesian Kratom

It is also known as Red Indo. High-quality and organic Red Borneo Kratom is a strong sedative and promotes relaxation. The effect of Red Indo in your body varies with the dosage. Small doses stimulate the user, while larger amounts cause sedation. The strain is popular in managing pain and insomnia. Users notice that Red Indo manages pain similar to pharmaceuticals, and they replace them for the natural option. Red Indo relieves anxiety and improves mood slightly. It offers deep relaxation in the body and mind, perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

Red Indo is not the ultimate strain to improve mood, but it is noticeable. It lowers negative feelings and helps cope with mental health. However, it cannot replace antidepressants. It works well when combined with holistic treatments to tackle root causes. Red Indo has large amounts of sedating alkaloids. They calm the user’s nerves and provide comfortable rest. People with sleep disorders can relax better and improve sleep patterns.   

2. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is among the most potent strains for medical and recreational use. Users consume it to induce sleep and control sleep disorders. Red Bali relieves pain, anxiety and relaxes the body and mind. This strain is effective in improving moods. The euphoria character helps with mental health symptoms like depression. Red Bali is slow in producing its effects, so it may not work for all users. For consumers who need faster medication, another strain may work better. 

3. Red Borneo

Red Borneo is a popular strain from Borneo Island. The vibrant color reveals the leaves were harvested at optimum maturity and dried perfectly. It provides relaxation and pleasure to the users. Red Borneo is a great remedy for insomnia. Users prefer this natural option to the side effects prescription drugs provide. The strain helps your body produce dopamine. This hormone is vital in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Red Borneo balances waking up and sleeping to provide regular and healthy sleep patterns. 

Other medications induce sedation to help users fall asleep, while Red Borneo offers total relaxation of the mind and body for quality sleep. Your body completely rests, and you wake up refreshed. This strain also relieves pain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. 

Kratom Side Effects

Kratom is famous for weaning addicts from opioids and other strong drugs, but it is not completely safe. The same goes for all herbal supplements like hemp. The negative side effects show when Kratom consumption is at extremely high doses. Kratom side-effects include addiction, constipation, and dehydration. It is a powerful plant with many benefits, and the side effects should not discourage potential users. Kratom consumption should be moderate for users to enjoy its advantages.

Kratom Dosage


The amount of dosage depends on the outcome you hope for. A maximum of three grams will help the user relax and mildly boost energy. In order to manage anxiety, two to five grams will assist. This amount will not put you to bed, but it will calm your nerves. Five to eight grams will do if you want to fall asleep or manage pain. These dosage suggestions may not work for everyone. Try different amounts to identify what works for you. Start with small amounts to feel how your body will react and customize from there. 

Too little dosage has little to no effects, while too much may leave you dizzy and uncomfortable. Consumers use the term ‘sweet spot,’ meaning they found the optimal dose for the desired effects. 

Traveling with Kratom 

It is important to note that Kratom is illegal in some states. Find out if the state you plan to travel to has legal restrictions. States like Vermont, Alabama, Wisconsin, etc., legalize Kratom as a control substance.


Sleep disorders are a serious issue nationwide. Irregular sleep cycles, insomnia among others, are manageable with Kratom. These Kratom strains are not the best option for an active day. You will be calm with little energy to carry out your activities. After you use your optimal dosage of Kratom for some time, you will experience fewer effects. This means your body builds up some tolerance against the dosage. Reduce the amount you consume to lower tolerance and increase side effects. 

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