3 Astonishing Sailing Routes Across The World 


For the majority of people, when thinking about travelling and adventures, the first thing that comes to mind is hiking mountains, sightseeing old and beautiful buildings or visiting breathtaking beaches. Sailing, however, is one of the most unique and thrilling experiences you can have. With this form of transportation and holiday, any person with an explorer spirit can go to the far corners of our world with only the wind pushing them and open waters in front. 

Luckily there are amazing places for travellers who want to experience the feeling of complete freedom. 

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To help you with sailing plans, we’ve selected our three favourite sailing routes.


The Bahamas and the Caribbean sea are among the most beautiful places in the world. The warm climate, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water make it a dream destination for almost everyone. Even better, you can experience all of that from the comfort of your boat. The sailing route takes you through very easy sailing areas so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe holiday while exploring the area. The journey starts from Marsh Harbour, a fantastic spot to explore the centre of the Caribbean. There are plenty of amazing things to see and do, such as scuba diving or snorkelling and mangroves. 

From there, head to Hope Town. The place is filled with colourful houses, which you probably remember from movies in the Bahamas. There is also an option to climb a lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful view. Next, you can continue to Great Guana Cay. It’s a perfect place to relax on a sandy beach and explore the area. From there, sail north to see uninhabited islands such as Powell Cay or Amberris. Once you pass them, the last stop is Treasure Cay, filled with bars, restaurants and beaches which you can visit before heading back home.


Corsica is a French island near the Italian shore, making it one of the most astonishing sailing routes in the world and Europe. You can begin your journey in the fantastic port of Bastia. 

From there, you will have to sail for a few days until you reach Corsica’s capital Ajaccio. It’s a beautiful old city. There is plenty to see, such as the old town, and you can enjoy amazing fresh seafood in one of many restaurants. It’s also worth noting that this is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. You can stay there for a couple of nights or sail towards Maddalena. It’s an astonishing archipelago where you can dock near the island of Razzoili and enjoy crystal clear waters.


Croatia is well known for its fantastic sailing infrastructure, stunning islands and historical cities. The Adriatic Sea is an ideal sailing location with a coastline stretching for thousands of kilometres and over 1200 islands. With so many options, it’s hard to choose where to go. You can sail from island to island, anchor in hidden bays and never even reach the mainland. There is also Dubrovnik, with picturesque streets, old buildings and amazing food. Moreover, the city was a filming location for the beloved Game Of Thrones show. 

With so many options, it’s hard to choose the best possible route. That’s why we have chosen our favourite one. However, don’t feel like this is the best one. You can also select a few places and islands to visit and go from there.

The route starts from Split. From there, you sail towards Pucisca, a small island village far from Split’s buzzing streets. There is a charming town made of white marble that makes this place very unique. Next, sail towards Hvar island and Stari Grad city. On your way there, there are amazing spots to anchor and swim in the sea. Grad city is a unique old town with beautiful landmarks and is also on the UNESCO world heritage list. From there, set your sails towards Korcula island. Situated between hills and covered with olive gardens, the main island’s port makes a perfect stop along your journey. 

The following morning, you should head towards Solta island and its beautiful city Maslinica. The marina is built entirely from white marble, which makes this place stand out. There are only a few restaurants, and local farmers are well known for their olive oil, so don’t forget to try it! You don’t need to rush back to the marina on your last day. Luckily, Solta is very close to Split, and there are multiple hidden bays on the way so that you can have one last dip in the Adriatic sea.

There you have it, our top 3 picks for astonishing sailing routes around the world. Which will you choose?

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