2020’s Most Profitable Investment Sectors That You Must Know

Investors are always on the lookout of sectors that yield reasonable profits in times of economic turmoil. It is the basis for building a safe and sound investment portfolio. In the times of an economic slump, some sectors still tend to perform better than the overall economy. And these are the industries an investor needs to target. Moreover, a stockholder needs to stay well-aware of the changing dynamics of the stock market and the trends to know when to divest and invest in better prospects timely.

The stock market is ever-evolving. Each day the price of shares keeps fluctuating based on several factors. These factors mainly include economic stability, interest rates, economic growth, the bandwagon effect, etc. A wise investor is mindful of these aspects and their impact on the share market. But if you are a newbie to this world of funds and the stock market, we will help! We have drawn out a list of this year’s most profitable investment sectors that you can count on when capitalizing your money. So, without further delay, let’s get started!



If there is one sector that has been in the limelight in the Covid19-stricken world, it is the health sector. After the break of the pandemic, the health industry saw a significant increase in the burden it had to shoulder. It came in terms of the assistance it had to provide governments to fight the global pandemic. As a result, it got stipulated that the health sector may suffer current losses.

However, in the long-run, once things subside, the health sector might observe a boost in demand. It is because Covid-19 is leaving the masses well-aware of the significance of focusing on health and wellness. Also, any fiscal stimulus announced by the government is likely to push the health sector in a favorable spot.

Covid-19 aside, the health sector is also one of those industries that rarely see a drop in demand. It is because there are people always falling sick or needing healthcare professionals. However, it is essential to keep in mind the underlying factors that affect the industry and the expected slumps and booms in the future. You can also look into getting strategic advice from expert consultants like Walter Schindler Impact investing in building an investment portfolio in the health sector. Such experts help you see through all the facts and information and make a well-informed investment choice. 



The global pandemic made information technology a sought after sector. It is because due to the strict social distancing guidelines and the lockdowns stretching over months, people had no choice but to move their activities online. Schools, colleges, and even offices started functioning from home. Due to the massive increase in video conferencing demand, the net worth of the CEO of Zoom application multiplied to a whopping $4billion. The move towards remote working has massively increased the demand for cloud computing services. It makes the IT sector one of the most profitable industries for capital investment.

Furthermore, over the years, we have all witnessed some groundbreaking technological advancements, and we believe the IT industry has no plans to stop. It means the Information Technology sector is an all-weather investment industry expected to perform better even in economic downturns.



This sector includes businesses involved in producing cereals, grains, beverages, and other consumable foodstuffs. It may also include companies that are concerned with processing and packaging food items. Since foodstuff is always in need, it is a stable industry to invest in all four seasons. However, the pandemic saw a hike in the demand of consumer staple companies such as Costco and Walmart.

As a result of the pandemic, many people resorted to cooking from home rather than having takeout meals from restaurants. Also, since the lockdown meant that people had to stay stuck at home, many people took up cooking as a pastime.

Panic buying is real. The pandemic also ignited a lot of fear amongst the masses relating to foodstuff getting short in the market. This fear made people load up their pantries with consumer staples. It also massively increased the demand for foodstuff in the market. Consequentially, these industries saw an increase in business and an eventual increase in net wealth, making them a good opportunity for capital investment.



When was the last time you went without your phone for a week? Most probably never. It is because ditching our phones is something we cannot fathom. Also, the much-hyped FAANG stocks may only increase in demand. FAANG stands for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet. Undoubtedly, these businesses also saw a sudden upsurge in need during the pandemic. Since people were staying at home, many binge-watched shows on Netflix.

Additionally, the majority of people preferred shopping online than physically going to markets. It approximately doubled the revenue for Amazon, amounting to $5.2 billion. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the communications industry is a stable sector for capital spending.



Once the pandemic is over and the economies kick into action, financial institutions will surge back in demand. Simultaneously, when an economy is recovering from a slump, the need for funding increases in terms of loans, etc. Consequentially, to support business investments, organizations may borrow more. Therefore, during an economic recovery, financial institutions are a wise investment opportunity.

However, the financial sector is not an industry to invest in during an economic crisis. But since Covid-19 is subsiding gradually and the threats are decreasing, economic activities are expected to come back to normal slowly.



Making investment decisions involves having a thorough knowledge of the economy and the potential sectors. Several underlying factors define whether an industry will experience a boom or a slump in the stock market. Before making a choice, you should seek expert knowledge, read up on the trends, and then make the investment. Our above mentioned list of the 2020s most profitable investment sectors will hopefully prove to be an excellent start for you on your investment journey!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.