10 Reasons Why You Should Get Adam Fayed as Your Financial Advisor

Financial adviser

Even though most people claim to be well-informed about money, they still depend greatly on a financial advisor when making major financial decisions. A financial advisor’s expertise, experience, and knowledge can be invaluable in complex situations involving large sums of money.

One of the most crucial financial decisions you’ll make is selecting a trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor. If you’re looking for one, look no further. Here are 10 reasons why you should get Adam Fayed as your financial advisor.

1. He has a good reputation

Finding the right financial advisor can begin with a strong referral or recommendation from a friend or family member. Consider the advisor’s company’s history and reputation. Do they have successful clients? Do they have a successful track record? Aside from having a good reputation, Adam Fayed is down to earth and will guide you through each of your financial decision.

Such is the experience of Nikolaos Vafeidis, head librarian at Ampelokipi (Menemeni Municipality Children’s Library) in Greece who met Adam in 2019 and has referred him to his close friends and colleagues as someone who “is always available to answer questions and guide you through your financial decisions” while “[e]verything is done online, with speed and efficiency.”

“Adam has a rather impressive CV given [his young age],” Vafeidis said. “I have referred him to closee friends and colleagues and I highly recommend him,” he added.

Keep an eye out for hot-shot planners who appear to be too good to be true because they usually are. Make sure that you only talk to financial advisors with a good reputation if you don’t want to waste time, resources, and opportunities.

2. He has a proactive approach

This particular characteristic of Adam is what Omar A., Business Engagement Lead at World Economic Forum based in Geneva, Switzerland, likes about him. “I had the pleasure of working with Adam after reading good reviews online. I was satisfied with his coaching and proactive approach—he helped make complex financial concepts easy to understand and has confidence in his recommendations.”

Good financial advisors like Adam maintain open lines of communication with you, keeping you informed about current financial issues and opportunities. He will assist you in the comprehension of difficult financial concepts. It is not worth your time or money to work with a financial advisor who withholds information or does not take the time to clearly explain their advice and recommendations; with Adam, you will never go wrong.

3. He doesn’t panic

It is critical to find an advisor who is patient and does not panic. You want a planner who is constantly evaluating which options are best for you while remaining committed to a well-thought-out strategic plan. Avoid advisors who are constantly pushing the latest hot stock pick with a sense of urgency; they may not be looking out for your best interests.

When it comes to sound investing that results in long-term growth, there should be no sense of urgency. Adam makes sure that he has done his own research and considered all possible options before presenting a plan.

“Adam is studious enough to seek out others’ opinions and prove those opinions against his own to verify he is working within clients’ best interests and considering each scenario from all angles,” Paul Milbourne, one of Australia’s leading life and income protection insurance advisers, attests. “Adam genuinely cares about his relationship with his client and continually seeks to look for ways to improve their financial future.”

4. He invokes confidence and trust

You need to be able to trust your financial advisor so that you can trust their advice. Listen to your gut instinct and end the relationship if you feel anxious, fearful, or stressed after talking with your advisor.

Most of Adam’s clients commented that their only regret is not becoming his client sooner to profit earlier from his extensive financial knowledge. The confidence and trust that Adam’s clients have in him made them stay in the relationship and not look for a new financial advisor.

The experience of Anastasios Peppas, Regional Director Middle East & Levant at Vertiv Co. (UAE), with Adam is of confidence and trust. Anastasios was stuck in eight painful years with Friends Provident, as well as in bad advice from Globaleye and other Dubai-based financial consultants. He was paying too many fees without resulting in any positive increase in his wealth. After meeting Adam in 2020, Anastasios is now out of those bad experiences. What Adam did was to grasp fully Anastasios’ life aspirations, and his personal and family goals (short, medium, and long term).

“In just [one] year now with Adam, I can really see the potential and the huge difference,” said Anastasio, adding that the best thing about Adam is that he is “very pragmatic, sincere” and “he will not overpromise but put things into perspective, highlight the risks, as well as the benefits.” Other than that, Adam is also “very pleasant to deal with and he has the patience to deal with a very busy person” like Anastasio who admitted that “[n]ot always have I been nice with him (unwillingly of course) but he has always been very polite and nice with me helping me out of a very painful [eight] years in the past.”

Anastasios highly recommends Adam to “young, aspirated, committed, and motivated” individuals who want to “build their wealth at a fast pace” environment.

5. He is an experienced financial professional

All legitimate financial advisors should have extensive experience in the financial services industry or recognized industry certification. To keep their certification, certified financial advisors must meet certain experience and ethics requirements, as well as complete a certain number of hours of continuing education each year.

Some would say license or certification to be a financial advisor is easy, but it is the experience that really matters when looking for the perfect financial advisor for you. One of Adam’s clients, Filipe B., a Lisbon MBA candidate at Nova SBE and Catolica-Lisbon (Portugal), attests that Adam is a fantastic professional with many years of experience in financial consulting, advising, and in portfolio, wealth, and assets management for multiple successful clients.

“Adam leverages his diverse experience as an expat to provide portable investment solutions to his clients,” says Filipe. This makes Adam not only experienced but also a perfect expat financial advisor for expats like him.

Adam has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to personal finances, investment strategies, economics, and portfolio management as he is a prolific writer on these subjects.

Always double-check your advisor’s credentials and experience. Doing your homework and doing some research ahead of time will help protect your interests and ensure you’re working with a reputable advisor.

6. He takes a holistic view of your finances

A good financial advisor takes into account more than just your level of income or the asset classes you’re willing to invest in based on your risk profile. A good financial advisor will investigate your banking, insurance, investment, and credit needs, taking the time to learn about your entire financial situation.

A financial advisor can only begin to develop a precise and meaningful strategy for you if they understand your life goals, debt obligations, spending habits, and other financial matters.

This is where traditional investment bankers failed. Clement Samuel had worked with a couple of them in the past. Samuel is a sales manager at Adel Hasan Haider Darwish SPC in Bahrain who was looking for a wealth savings plan with the flexibility to access his funds at any time and anywhere in the world. He found this in Adam, whom Samuel described as “a breath of fresh air, up to date with the current markets and trends, makes investments a hassle free and expedited process with the minimal red tape involved.”

If financial advisors don’t have a holistic view of your finances, the tendency is for you to receive not suitable financial advice resulting in wrong financial decisions. The wrong process would cost you a lot of money.

Having a holistic view of your finances enables Adam to give a well-tailored financial and investment plan for you with full transparency. “Unlike the other brokers, I have received full transparency here on charges, fees, and bonuses with the biggest plus point being the ability to reach him at any given time and get a response in a few hours,” Samuel said. Adam was able to setup an investment plan for Samuel that suits his requirements as an expat residing in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

“If you are looking for a modern, non traditional, no-nonsense easy access financial advisor and investment broker who offers transparency in all things financial related and is not looking to eat away all of your savings, look no further. If you are looking for a pushy salesperson to meet face to face, who is more interested in lining their pockets and who might lock you into a constraining investment scheme, look elsewhere,” Samuel recommends.

Samuel also recommends watching Adam’s podcasts and youtube videos which educate on the many pros of the stock market investment.

7. He has an expert support team

A good advisor should be able to connect you with a variety of experts to meet your specific requirements.

This team approach of Adam, as well as his expertise, is what most impressed Olutoba Fadahunsi, a contracts manager at Shell (Nigeria). He commented that Adam is very hands-on and his support team is “supportive, encouraging, and dedicated.”

A team approach will ensure you receive the expert advice you need to achieve any specialized investment, insurance, wealth management, or debt management goals.

Fadahunsi learned about Adam when he was doing online research for an investment advisor and stumbled on some of Adam’s high-quality blogs, Quora responses, and podcasts. He immediately downloaded his investment app, Investing Right, which helped him a great deal. Since 2020, Fadahunsi is registered with Adam’s company and has worked with his expert support team. Adam was able to craft a number of amazing long term investment proposals for him which turned out to be extremely promising and rewarding.

“I highly recommend Adam if you are looking for the best investment advisor to handhold you on your investment journey,” Fadahunsi stated.

8. He has a clear strategy

You wouldn’t take a cross-country trip without a map or GPS, and you shouldn’t try to navigate your financial future without one. And, if your life circumstances change, as they frequently do, your advisor should consider them and assist you in revising and updating your financial plan.

Adam makes sure to lay out the best and clearest strategy to improve your financial future. Having a clear strategy comes from having a detailed knowledge of your financial situation and various products. “Adam has always shown integrity and given a personalised and thorough service whenever I have met with him. His detailed knowledge of various products and making sure you are aware of what is right for you as an individual shows a commitment to his clients that is quite unique,” Jonathan Baxter, associate director at Knight Frank Cambodia, stated.

Being an expat himself, Adam is able to make clear strategies for expats’ unique financial situations. “Adam knows the intricacies of insurance policies for expats. He explains coverage as it relates to expats in a common-sense way,” Rob Stark, a front and backend developer in Florida, said.

9. He works with you

A good financial advisor will meet with you and your significant other on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss your financial situation. And you should maintain the same level of focus throughout your relationship. People often meet with an advisor, develop a plan, and then receive periodic statements with no interaction or explanation, but Adam does not simply give provide you with periodic statements, rather makes sure that there is a constant updating on your financial situation.

“Adam takes an appropriate interest in one’s personal life situation while at the same time keeping focused on identified goals,” Gaelle Tresallet, head of Sales and Marketing at Swiss Post in Switzerland, commented.

“Since working with Adam, he has met and surpassed my expectations of working with financial advisors. From the very beginning, I have been very impressed with his competence not only with his wise and skilful placement of my money, but also his very professional organization,’ she added.

10. He puts your interests before his

Examine whether your advisor is able to offer a diverse range of products and services, or if they are limited to the company’s proprietary solutions. A good adviser will always put your interest before his own.

Your plan will be customized by Adam to meet your objectives. He will not try to sell you products just to meet a quota or to maximize their profit. “He puts in considerable time and effort in the wishes of his clients while being forthright about current risks and opportunities in the market,” Jan Frederik Braun, an energy transition researcher based in the Netherlands, described.

Braun has been a client of Adam since 2020. He described Adam as someone who “has proven himself to be trustworthy and efficient financial advisor” and as someone who “quickly and thoroughly answers any particular questions you might have about investment strategies and portfolios.”

“If you’re an investor who puts a premium on efficiency and long-term investing, not the ‘quick buck’, then I highly recommend getting in touch with Adam Fayed,” Braun suggests.

Invest with Adam. Adam Fayed is an internationally recognised author on financial matters, with over 354.2 million answers views on Quora.com and a widely sold book on Amazon

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