10 Not So Regretful Things A Freelancer Did Over Rejected Invoices

Freelancer Did Over Rejected Invoices

By Hetvi

Are you a victim of rejected invoices, and did you manage to do some not-so-regrettable things as a result?

Then, you’ve arrived at the ideal location to learn about the most regrettable things a freelancer has done as a result of rejected invoices.

10 Things You Did To Your Client Who Refused To Make Your Payment

1. Called Clients Ex

My client did not respond to several invoice payment reminders and blocked me from calling. What did I do to deserve this? I was terrified. Since the client had blocked me from everywhere, I was furious and outraged. To exact my vengeance, I went on his social media and stalked him for the entire night, and luckily, I tracked down his ex, and my client who I knew was now dating someone else. I messaged his ex everything, and she responded with her phone number, and the rest followed. We talked for hours and roasted my client in a number of ways, which was quite enjoyable and made me pleased.

2. Drunk Dialing

An E-invoice is a payment you received for completing a task for your client. It’s a document that specifies that payment is due. When my e-invoice was rejected stating that whatever I did was completely useless and that I would not be compensated. I was down in the dumps. I started out as a freelancer and put my heart and soul into the job I did for the client. To relieve my agony, I began taking vodka shots, and by the end of the night, I had drunk dialed my client, and was uttering rubbish about her and her business, as well as how much she disrespected my work and I.

3. Filed a police complaint against the client

My payment had to be made through an international payment gateway because my client was from Canada. I sent her the invoice, but she didn’t respond and then was MIA. Since she was in Canada, I wasn’t able to do anything. Her acts had made me so angry and horrified. I went to the police station with several of my friends and told them my full tale and filed a complaint against her. Seemed like taking legal action was the only way left.

4. Started listening to Sadguru and do meditation

Being a person of peace and gentleness, I attempted giving my client some early pay discounts because she wasn’t paying. However, she refused to accept it and rejected my invoice. I was so heartbroken and hurt that I couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong. To settle my anxiety, I began practicing meditation and watching Sadguru’s videos on YouTube for at least 5 days in a row and totally forgot about the deadlines I had.

5. Going on a drive and leaving my client in the middle of nowhere

My client and I have been friends on social media for quite some time. She was looking for freelance work and came across me on a freelancing platform and hired me for the job, as she already did know me. Everything was completed, and I was able to deliver fantastic projects. She began making excuses for not paying my invoice for extended periods of time. I was so enraged that I considered teaching her a lesson. I asked her one nice afternoon if we could go for a drive. I left her on the road in the middle of nowhere, then returned home and blocked her.

6. Provoke other freelancers and client against them

After so many reminders, my client still hasn’t paid me. I provoked all of my freelancer friends on the freelancing and social media platforms I use about him and what he did to me. I warned everyone that you should not work with this person, as he was a really terrible mouth person, and I made up tales about him. Everyone promised not to work with such a freak when I persuaded them.

7. Spent whole week binge watching Netflix and ate junk food

Junk food and, of course, my rescue partner Netflix are the only things that help me get over my grief of a rejected invoice. Even after spending so much time and effort creating professional invoices using various templates to ensure that my freelance work is presented in a professional manner. What did he do to me? Rejected those relevant invoices. I was hurt, and my only way out was to watch how to get away with murder on Netflix while eating a burger and fries in a dark room.

8. Sending trash to client’s place

I was irritated when my client refused my e-invoice, despite the fact that I had previously sent her a proforma invoice which she had approved. When the time came to pay the invoice I sent, she said NO. I was so enraged that I was determined to do something about it. I collected all of my trash from my house, my neighbor’s house, and the trash of a few more people, and then went to my client’s bungalow and scattered everything in front of her house, knowing she was hosting a large party. My strategy worked, and I trashed the entire front of her cottage with trash to relieve my anger.

9. Roasted on Social Media

I had all of the proof of work and specifics of everything because the freelance job I received was via the freelance site. When she refused to accept my invoice and refused to answer my phone calls. As a social media strategist, I went on social media and roasted her with proof, so that she couldn’t do it again with another freelancer and would be compelled to pay me back. Since she was a good and well-known blogger, her reputation was everything for her. Hence, I chose to turn her own strategy against her.

10. Sent a money recovery agent to the client’s place

Since an e-invoice is a proof and legal document for a vendor, no one can refuse it once the task has been completed. Despite numerous phone calls, my client refused it. I decided to hire a recovery agency because the situation was out of my control. I didn’t want my hard work to go for waste, and the only way out was to file a lawsuit. As a result, I sent the recovery agents to my client’s location and forced her to admit that she had made a mistake by doing this to me, since all of my efforts had now become a money machine for her.

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