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Major reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin in the market of Cryptocurrencies in 2021!!

The universality of Bitcoin is at its tower, and it has gotten perhaps the most costly cash in 2021. You will discover a lot of financial sponsors are putting money in Bitcoin. There are countless capable financial supporters out there who have effectively brought in a ton of cash from Bitcoin. Instead of putting cash in the regular Government hindquarters money, you should consistently put some money in the digital currency, which isn’t controlled by the public authority.

Putting cash in cryptographic money is unique to other people. Hence you must give close consideration to each significant part of it. Cryptographic money can be gotten in a few techniques. A ton of financial supporters relies upon digital money mining consistently requires advanced PCs. If you have effectively gotten Bitcoin, at that point, you need to keep it in the free form of any dangerously advanced wallet that a few organizations offer.

Bunches of trading stages are additionally out there where you can rapidly buy Bitcoin. In the accompanying sections, we will examine two reasons why Bitcoin has gotten quite possibly the most critical monetary standards in 2021.

Best digital currency

  • Bitcoin is possibly the most well-known cryptographic form of money, which is viewed as advanced gold. This specific cash is currently exchanged on a few cryptographic money trades; however, it can likewise be sent, gotten, and put away in advanced or equipment wallets.
  • Assuming you don’t have adequate information about equipment wallets, it is wiser to pick cell phone applications where you can rapidly keep the bitcoins without dealing with any issue.

Bitcoin is growing

  • There are various types of money out there act Bitcoin has gotten an important one. A more significant part of the digital forms of money accompanies their conventions and different framework. The fame of such unimaginable cash is at its peak.
  • If you are who need to bring in a great deal of money by putting resources into Bitcoin, at that point, you need to focus on a few essential things. It would help if you connected with capable or thoroughly experienced Bitcoin financial supporters who will help you purchase the Bitcoin.


  • Most of the financial sponsors are asserting that putting cash in cryptographic money is somewhat dangerous because it is a totally unregulated and moderately problematic area.
  • Bitcoin has gotten perhaps the most well-known and costly monetary standards that accompany a fixed stock cutoff. Remember that the number of bitcoins accessible on the planet won’t become more excellent. It has effectively thought to be invulnerable to swelling.

Fundamental things

  • Assuming you are now getting started with bitcoin, there are countless significant things that you should know. Bitcoin will empower an individual to trade money and execute various types of a path than you regularly do.
  • If you would prefer not to lose some money, you should take sufficient opportunity. It would help if you treated the bitcoin with a similar consideration as you are doing with the standard wallet.

Ensure the protection

  • Many endeavors are constantly expected to ensure, generally speaking, security with Bitcoin. All the Bitcoins exchanges consistently put away forever and openly on the organization, which implies that any individual will be ready to see the business and equilibrium of a particular Bitcoin address.
  • Additionally, clients’ personality behind a specific location will remain anonymous until the detail is revealed during a purchase. This is the principal motivation behind why Bitcoin tends to should be utilized once. Assuming you need to ensure security, you should consistently comprise the best practice. You need to use the best-exchanging stages where you can purchase bitcoin. Bitcoin beforeitsnews.com, without a doubt, helps you in buying bitcoins.

Best Currency

Bitcoin has effectively gotten one of the unimaginable cash. Most expert and amateur financial sponsors are putting cash in it. Every improvement makes Bitcoin more incredible and engaging. Assuming you need to make the most excellent speculation, it is energetically suggested that one ought to advise a specialized master.

Remember that no individual can anticipate the outcome of bitcoin. All things rely upon Analyzation or meetings. Assuming believable, you should consistently decide on the best stage to learn different things about bitcoin.

Top Vital Factors About Bitcoin Mining!

These days, more and more people join the blockchain network for mining Bitcoins, which increases the competition level among miners, making it less profitable than before. People should know that mining Bitcoin is not an easy process nowadays because there are already plenty of miners contributing their computer hash rate for processing the information present in a blockchain.

In this, miners have to integrate robust computer rigs and advanced mining software to produce a hash, which is equivalent or close to the target hash fixed by the blockchain algorithm. Moreover, every miner is only offered 10 minutes for mining a block, in which they have to solve a complicated mathematical equation. There are websites like hometownstation.coms, which provides a client to learn Bitcoin Mining. However, if a miner can produce a hash rate equivalent to the targeted hash, then he or she will be rewarded with bitcoins and transaction fees related to a specific block.

Most of you might be wondering about the success rate of mining Bitcoins. Mining Bitcoin is relatively easy when you have all the necessary equipment for starting your mining. But you should not forget to become a member of the mining pool because it will enhance your chances of earning Bitcoins. Whether you are new to the Bitcoin world or have some knowledge, you can jump-start your Bitcoin mining once you are well aware of the vital facts related to Bitcoin mining.

Calculate Profitability

First, you need to determine the profitability of mining Bitcoins as more and more miners are contributing their hash rate, which is produced by powerful computer rigs combined with advanced mining software. Due to Great competitions, it has become highly challenging for beginners to mine Bitcoin because only prominent businesses are mining Bitcoins.

They have access to the cheapest source of electricity and use top-notch computer rigs. If you are thinking about starting your mining Bitcoin, you need to calculate the cost associated with mining, including fee-related to mining hardware, mining software, Bitcoin wallet, and electricity. And if you still find it feasible, then you can start your mining journey.

Get A Mining Software

Mining software is a link between the blockchain network and your computer processor. It helps in delivering information present in a block to your computer. And these days, a lot of mining software is developed daily to meet the requirements for processing the information available in a block and delivering it to computer rigs. This software is specially designed for processing and transferring the information provided in a single block. You should know that it will act as the main link between the blockchain network and computer hardware.

Get A Powerful Computer Rig

Another vital factor that miners have to consider is computer hardware. The technology incorporated in these computer rigs helps in sorting out the information available in a block that means they will assist you in solving complicated mathematical equations within 10 minutes.

So, beginners should be ready to pay thousands of dollars for purchasing computer hardware. You should know that ASIC processors are specially created for mining Bitcoins. All ASIC processors are incorporated with a powerful chipset that helps validate information regarding Bitcoin and verify reliable transactions. Hence, you should consider buying the latest powerful computer hardware integrated with a powerful chipset manufactured for connecting with the Bitcoin network.

Choose A Bitcoin Wallet and Complete Your KYC

Once you have mining software and hardware, you need a place where you can store your Bitcoins, meaning it is essential for you to have a Bitcoin wallet, which allows you to keep your Bitcoins. Hence, you must choose a highly secured and reliable Bitcoin wallet that will offer you plenty of features coupled with high security. However, it is recommended to consider a Bitcoin wallet device because it will remain offline whenever not in use that ensures high security and protects you from hackers.

Become A Member of a Mining Pool

Due to immense competition, it is challenging for a single miner to mine Bitcoin. But when you join a mining pool, it will increase the chances of Bitcoin as every member of the mining pool is contributing their hash rate to a single network to solve the complicated equations. A mining pool is one of the cost-effective and fastest ways of earning Bitcoins.

These are the top factors that you need to know about Bitcoin mining.

What Makes Bitcoin A Popular Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that works on a decentralized or peer to peer network without intermediaries such as the government, brokers, banks, or agents. With blockchain technology, it allows individuals to transfer cryptocurrency over a highly secured and safe network. People must know that the Bitcoin network enables you to store or transfer Bitcoins anytime you want, regardless of your geographical location or time zone.

All you need to do is join the Bitcoin network and start trading Bitcoins. Some of you must be wondering about how to get Bitcoin? The process of obtaining Bitcoin is very straightforward, which means either you can mine Bitcoins using mining rigs and computing power, or you can purchase it from any reliable exchange. You should know that Bitcoin is associated with incredible benefits, which makes it popular among the majority of individuals.

You can use Bitcoins to make an investment or purchase and even use them for exchanging services and goods from a supplier who is accepting payments in Bitcoin. When experts begin to understand the chronology behind Bitcoin technology, they are able to bring out some potential advantages associated with using bitcoin. If you are looking for a comparison in crypto currencies, if you want to know more about YuanPay Group visit here. Let us have a look at the top benefits that you can get while using the bitcoin network.

  • Anonymous and Confidential

All bitcoin transactions are anonymous and confidentiality protected, meaning you can receive or send Bitcoins using the most secure and safe blockchain network. And the Bitcoin algorithm integrates different addresses on each transaction to make it impossible for hackers and potentially third parties to trace your Bitcoin wallet using that address. Thus, making it incredibly difficult for an individual to extract personal data related to the Bitcoin wallet. Unlike payments carried out in banks, one can easily crack the details regarding the bank account.

In contrast, Bitcoins only provides information regarding the Bitcoin wallet address from where the payment was sent or received, not the person’s details using that wallet. Individuals should know that by using a single address over and over again for an extended period, then there is a possibility of getting tracked by interested third parties.

  • Flexibility in Payment

Another great advantage of using Bitcoin is that it allows you to pay or receive cryptocurrency over a secure and safe network, meaning one can transfer Bitcoins to any business or individual around the world. And the best thing about having such flexibility in payments is that you can pay directly to the beneficiary, meaning you do not have to use any intermediaries like brokers, banks, government or agents for managing your payments because Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is not owned or governed by the rules and regulation of any country.

That means there are no boundaries that would stop you from receiving or sending Bitcoins. Moreover, Bitcoins have no limits for the payment amount; after getting registered with the Bitcoins platform, you can easily make numerous payments.

  • Minimum Fees

Have you ever considered the transaction charges levied by the Bitcoin network? Well, you should know that the Bitcoin network charges a minimum transaction fee as compared to other platforms. However, the number of transaction fees will depend on the priority of an individual whether they want to complete the transaction instantly or not.

On the other side, millions of miners are contributing their efforts and hashing power to the Bitcoin network to verify a set of information containing Bitcoin transactions and the aim to verify the transaction as soon as possible from the Bitcoin algorithm.

  • Less Risk for Businesses

The best thing about Bitcoin transactions is that they are irreversible, highly secured and do not offer any crucial information related to the customer or account details. And it helps in protecting the businesses from fraudulent activities. This is why online merchants are incorporating Bitcoins as payment methods as it provides a reliable, secure and safe place for doing trade.

  • Instant Payment

Bitcoin transactions are processed instantly as compared to banking channels because thousands of miners are contributing their hash rate to the Bitcoin network, which helps in processing the transaction details within 10 minutes.

These are the top reasons why more and more people are getting hyped about this incredible cryptocurrency.

Do I Still Pay Alimony if I Lose My Job?


By Lynda King

A divorce might be the end of the marriage, but not to your obligations toward the other person. One of these ties is often alimony, the obligation of the high-earning spouse to provide regular financial support to the lower-earning spouse. The amount is set on a series of factors, including expected earnings. When these circumstances change due to job loss, the alimony can be altered with court approval.

Understanding How Alimony Works

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a form of financial support offered by one spouse to the other after divorce. This court order is legally binding, and it requires the higher-earning spouse to contribute regular payments to the lower-earning spouse. The deciding factors for setting the alimony amount change from state to state. However, these are some of the main considerations:

  • Expected earnings of both spouses.
  • Expected expenses of both spouses.
  • If the alimony would ensure a lifestyle close to what the spouse was used to during the marriage.
  • California alimony laws also take into account the amount paid for child support.

The Impact of Losing Your Job on Alimony

Job loss can make respecting alimony payments impossible. In some cases, unemployment will lead to reduced alimony payments. However, for any changes to be considered by the court, you must first submit a petition. Offer a detailed account of how your financial situation has altered due to job loss. The course of action depends on the approval of your former spouse.

If Your Former Spouse Approves the Changes

Start by informing the other party about your new financial situation and help them understand your predicament. If they agree to changes in the alimony amount, it will help ease modifying the initial court order. Once you have clarified this, you may proceed with filing a formal motion. However, since you already have the other party’s approval, the changes should be approved without further complications.

If Your Former Spouse Doesn’t Approve the Changes

A less favorable situation is when the former spouse fails to see eye to eye with you on the issue. In this case, you must appeal to the court with a convincing case. Here are some aspects that the court will take into account:

  • Current unemployment status. They will take into account the length of your unemployment period and any new employment. If you have managed to find a job quickly, the salary difference can be a reason for changing the alimony amount. If your salary is similar, then your financial obligations to your former spouse will most likely remain the same.
  • The voluntary nature of unemployment. The court will consider the possibility of leaving a job voluntarily as a means of lowering or avoiding alimony payments.
  • Other income sources. Losing a job might not have a huge impact on your lifestyle if you have other sources of income. If a court finds that you have a significant financial cushion to fall back upon, they might not consider job loss a valid reason for altering alimony payments.

Unemployment Caused by COVID-19

The job market has suffered a considerable hit under the COVID-19 pandemic across the U.S. In April of last year, unemployment levels were at 14.8%, but until December, these declined to 6.7%. Still, a rather high percentage. Ongoing hardship caused by the pandemic can be considered as a valid reason by the court to alter the initial alimony agreement.

Seek Legal Advice

Unemployment can have a major impact on your financial situation and lifestyle. Under these new circumstances, providing alimony based on the initial agreement might not be feasible anymore. To ensure that you get your case across to the court clearly, consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer can offer a clear picture of your options and prospects. Since procedures and regulations vary between states, it is advised to consult with a California law specialist.

About the Author

Lynda King

While she had a solid education in law, Lynda King wanted more than a job as a lawyer. She knew that people needed information and a better understanding of everyday legal matters, so she began writing articles and guidelines to educate individuals and businesses. Now, Lynda is collaborating with Farzad & Ochoa Family Law Attorneys, being proud that her knowledge and writing talent are helping everyone every day.

The SEO Importance in the time of COVID-19

In COVID-19, it can be convenient for many small businesses to assume that the marketing practices can be adapted to delay or interrupt physical operations. In reality, digital marketing strategies such as SEO services can be essential both during and after the pandemic.

Why should SEO pay attention to small businesses?

Let us now discuss why, while the COVID-19 pandemic, the SEO remains critical for small businesses—any reasons why SEO should be looked after by small companies.

The effect on the online operation of COVID-19

During the epidemic, internet use grew exponentially. Significant use changes have been reported in all online activities, including online money transfers, online sports, video streaming, virtual meetings, and social media.

In COVID-19, it can be convenient for many small businesses to assume that the marketing practices can be adapted to delay or interrupt physical operations. In reality, digital marketing strategies such as SEO can be essential both during and after the pandemic.

Why should SEO pay attention to small businesses?

While the COVID-19 pandemic, the SEO remains critical for small businesses—any reasons why SEO should be looked after by small companies.

The effect on the online operation of COVID-19

During the epidemic, internet use grew exponentially. Significant use changes have been reported in all online activities, including online money transfers, online sports, video streaming, virtual meetings, and social media.

Consumers go to online markets to satisfy their needs, and so successful companies with outstanding online experiences and engaging content are prepared to meet them.

Brands should therefore create high-quality content and digital experiences that engage consumers through mobile devices. Our platform will help you monitor your mobile content when you build this material. A good online experience will help you optimize your selling ability and lay the groundwork for potential conversions.

SEO services benefits

1. Useful metrics for the public

You will discover what your audience is looking for by seeing which keywords are trending or which of your website sites take full advantage of your SEO services. Perhaps you’re shocked at the most momentum on the pages. You can modify and supply other related content with this information.

2. Builds Trust

In a crisis, it is precious to create trust with your audience. This confidence depends on SEO. Users prefer to trust the rating system of Google. Think of the last time on page two of a search results page (or more) (SERP).

It also does not happen because most people believe Google’s evaluation of the top few links are right. This means that you have great trust in the eyes of customers in ranking for your brand.

3. Long-term development

For long-term growth, SEO is also essential. You’re likely to remain there for some time if you win a top spot on Google. And it’s probably modified material or minor tweaks here and there if you miss your place.

That is why SEO is such an advantage during COVID-19; nowadays, the high traffic benefits have been rewarded by companies that have worked up to their rankings months earlier.

4. Expense-related

The search results from SEO are incredibly cost-effective, as opposed to other marketing options. There are no costs involved unless you buy a software tool to guide your plan. In comparison to running paid advertisements, organizing events, or partnering with influencers, SEO is simply about putting out great content and customizing those essential elements for algorithms.

Benefits of outsourcing

You typically require specialist software and technologies such as ERP and business automation to outsource roles. Through outsourcing, you can access a pool of trained specialists who work with the required instruments to fulfill their roles to avoid excessive investments.

  • Higher-income

To make money, you have to spend it. And with outsourcing, that’s valid. You risk running an inefficient company and losing revenue by managing all roles yourself.

  • Days Savings

Most organizations forget how long outsourcing saves. You will save time because you do not train the outsourced professionals, and you will not be engulfed in meetings or other interferences. You will save time.

  • Quickly initiate new projects

Although the COVID-19 pandemic causes multiple setbacks, new opportunities and business innovation are also created.

Externalization allows you to launch new projects quickly; you can start these projects before the pandemic, either through better marketing strategies or through the redesign of your website.

The bottom line

SEO remains important for small and medium-sized enterprises, considering the many global health crisis challenges. SEO’s full value is an economical, possible way forward, which is useful for many viral outbreak-hit small and medium-sized enterprises.

SEO techniques also allow small companies to be visible on the existing market and help them gain exposure as soon as the new standard starts.

WEB: ASX – Travel Giant Take a Plunge in Bitcoin Domain Cracking $4.1M Deal with LockTrip.com

Webjet is a giant travel company commonly known as WEB: ASX, with its base in Melbourne, Australia. The company has announced a big deal when it finally enters into the digital currency world with a huge deal. All thanks to the strategic deal with one of the top blockchain-based travel companies known as LockTrip.com. Besides, the former company also offered their products with

Sixty percent of savings when compared with the other players in the market. On the other side, we know LockTrip to be among the top blockchain technology-based companies that have been developing and coming up with some instant growing Hydro Blockchain domain that is interested in coming with the real world business world.

What is Webjet?

If you look at WebJet, it is regarded as the world’s second-largest accommodation supplier in the travel industry that comes with the WebBeds division. All across the wide range of B2B wholesale brands, the company seems to supply with more than 44k clients all over the world investor that has come up with the presence of 50 more nations. This certainly includes a wide profile of the companies like Webjet that happens to be the second biggest accommodation supplier found in the hospitality industry seeking their web beds division. All over the B2B wholesale brands, one can find the company supplying around 44k clients all over the investor, and thus they have made their presence felt in not less than 50 nations. This would include a number of companies profile along with travel agencies and online travel groups that come along with the wholesale suppliers.

There are several inventory supplies brands that are owned by Webjet, and these include the following:

  • Destinations of the World (DOTW)
  • Hotels and resorts 
  • Sun Group of companies and Hotels
  • Apps like Fit Ruums, JacTrave, and Total Stay.

Besides, one can even find several inventory supply wholesale agencies along with the company Webjet also dominating the OTA market in entire Australia and NZ market with the help of their retail websites for their respective nations. The said company ranks high in the local stock exchange in both nations, and they have come up with different flight booking transactions that have given a volume of not less than 3 Billion AUD for just one year. The greater the importance of the giant company dealing with digital currency space that comes via the top blockchain-based companies like LockTrip along with their LOC tokens. 

The CEO of LockTrip, Nikola A, calls this deal to be a marriage and has an interesting comment about it. This deal, according to the CEO, is a testimony to the fact how traditional technology companies find out opportunities in blockchain technology. With the help of multiple synergies, one can find an interesting feature in the commitment of the travel company that helps in integrating the LockTrip marketplace that is seen over the OTA websites. If conditions are able to meet properly, one can see the LOC to remain active users all over the world. With this, the deal remains an unprecedented one in the blockchain domain. 

With so many synergies working together, one can find some interesting and unique features dealing effectively with the commitment that comes to integrate the LockTrip marketplace over the OTA websites. If things are meeting up, one can find the LOC economy going in the right way with the help of supercharging their current businesses all over the global superbrand along with the help of millions of active users. With this, the deal is seen going unprecedented in the space of blockchain. 

Charging up the LOC Economy

As per the documents or whitepaper of the company LockTrip, everyone who seems to come up as its consumer will end up getting a LOC ticket that is only brought through the permanent exchange, giving you a hike of 3 percent of the booking value of the same. With this, they will be able to fix the supply of the LOC chains reaching 18.6 million, which would end up making the market deflationary. Besides this feature, one can even find the payment reaching to the company via the travel booking can be easily directed towards the LOC that would further help you reap fewer benefits in making the tickets cheaper when compared with other companies, for more information you can visit The Official Website.

Fool-Proof Method To Open Bank Account With No Credit Check


Customers who have been struggling to find a way to open a bank account with no credit check often need to do so because of their poor credit situation. Whether it is a low credit score or a situation as worrisome as a bankruptcy, you might have to look into banks which offers account without Chexsystems and can help you open an account easily. 

Such financial institutes are important because they allow you to make use of some flexible terms when it comes to starting a bank account. Credit score cannot be fixed overnight and obviously, no one wants to wait for months simply to own an account and exchange money using it. 

So if you wish to avoid a credit check or get away with a poor credit score next time you apply to a bank, here’s what you should consider that will prove to be quite helpful in the future. 

Opt For Secured Bank Account In Non-Chexsystems Banks

Similar to using a secured credit card, secure bank accounts are a reliable option when you are facing a poor credit situation. Since your credit report or banking history does not establish you as a reliable customer, you would have to provide some collateral that can help the finance company trust you. 

Secured bank accounts have all the features that any other bank account offers. The only difference is that you will be asked to make an initial deposit as security. Most of these bank accounts report to credit bureaus or other reporting agencies and therefore they can help you improve your relationship with financial service providers if you maintain good habits. 

Most banks that don’t use Chexsystems offer secured accounts to a customer with a shady history. Some of them also function with a second-chance account system which means they do perform a credit check for the sake of looking into your credit situation but that does not affect their decision or approving or disapproving your application. 

Pros and Cons Of Opening a Secured Bank Account 

Obviously, the biggest advantage that such accounts can offer you is that they let applicants surpass that need of good credit history for their approval. However, it should be kept in mind that you will be allowed to have an account with strict usage terms. For example, it is hardly likely that any company would let you default on monthly payments or waive them off completely. 

Similarly, getting a bank account with poor credit history comes with a lot of requirements as compared to opening a standard checking account. You can not perform overdraft or avail discount offers unless you upgrade to a standard bank account. 

So Should You Consider a Non-Chexsystems Bank Account? 

There is no denying that second-chance or non-Chexsystems bank account has many limitations. However, if you compare them to other alternatives, they do offer many clear-cut advantages. 

Provided that you can’t open an account without a credit check, you will eventually have to consider getting prepaid cards or other e-wallet services to help in cash management. Both these options carry high fees and do not report to any credit bureaus which implies you will be stuck in a poor credit situation for quite a long time. 

If you perform thorough research, we are sure you will be able to find out a bank service that suits you best. Always keep in mind that best-secured accounts offer: 

  • Minimum monthly fees 
  • Free of minimum balance requirements 
  • No limit on the maximum transaction in a day 
  • Additional services like accounts cards and online money management tools  

So this is our reliable method of getting a bank account without the worry of a credit check. Hopefully, you would like it and consider giving it a try in the future. If everything goes account to the plan you will soon be an account holder and take your first step towards improving your financial life quickly.

Sport Tourism: Can it Aid Indonesian Economy to Escalate in 2021?

By Tegar Rismanuar Nuryitmawan and Mohammad Zeqi Yasin

The pandemic of Covid-19 has indeed decayed tourism sectors’ performance. However, in the new normal era, the government of Indonesia has a strategic plan to restart the tourism sector in 2021. However, which tourism sector is more likely to aid Indonesian economic escalation?

The unprecedented outbreaks of Coronavirus have tremendously disrupted all countries, including Indonesia. The official report of Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded that the Indonesian economic growth plunged at -3.49% (q-t-q) perpetuating the negative record in the preceding quarter (Q2) by -5.32%. A couple of negative magnitudes has led Indonesia to fell into recession for the first time since 1998.

The latest report also noted that one of the biggest plunges stems from the tourism sector which suffered for almost 100 trillion rupiahs (9.5 billion USD). It was exacerbated by the number of foreign tourists that enormously slumped by -88.95% as of September 2020. Henceforth, shall we keep mourning this economic slowdown?

The pandemic situation in which economic growth was slumped should be considered to arrange strategic plans by which various sectors are brought in the post-pandemic periods.

The answer may be “not really”. The pandemic situation in which economic growth was slumped should be considered to arrange strategic plans by which various sectors are brought in the post-pandemic periods. As noted earlier, indeed, the tourism sector has been remarkably attacked, but if we may remain optimistic, 2021 tourism sector will be a turned back point from which the pre-pandemic economic growths had achieved.

How can be this optimistic acknowledged? The answer is through the sport tourism sector. The answer may sound relatively subjective but it, somehow, makes sense.

We have realized that Indonesia has a vast potential tourism sector which possesses unique selling points such as affordable, conservative, and historical concern. In hindsight, tourism merely associates with nature and attractive action such as the Pendet dance of Bali or the Saman dance of Aceh, on which local wisdom play a pivotal role. These are indeed a necessary and mainstream contribution, but it is seemingly not a sufficient and exceptional promotor in enhancing the added value of the tourism sector.

Indonesia should be able to make sport tourism a key driver for the tourism sector. This is because Indonesia is actually considered an icon of world sports tourism combined with its natural and cultural wealth.

The sports tourism may deserve an alternative solution. The sector in which tourism and sport are combined has recently well thriven amongst people. Even in the future, Indonesia should be able to make sport tourism a key driver for the tourism sector. This is because Indonesia is actually considered an icon of world sports tourism combined with its natural and cultural wealth.

Looking at prior international sports events such as Tour de Singkarak, Ironman 70.3 of Bintan, Borobudur Marathon of Magelang, and Tour de Ijen of Banyuwangi, the sport tourism has been an effective channel to broadly attract foreign tourists, even more on the successful 2018 Asian Games that brought more than 1.5 million foreign travellers in Indonesia.

Let us momentarily analyze the opportunities for sports tourism from an economic perspective. We can take an example of the Borobudur Marathon of Magelang which is the only international marathon event that was successfully held amid the Covid-19 pandemic in November 2020. In 2019 there were 10,900 runners in various categories from a total of 16 countries. If a runner brings at least 1 pair, it means there are about 21,800 people who come to the city of Magelang.

The incoming foreigners surely then generate supplies of lodging, travel, restaurants, and other facilities which in turn enhance the share of the economy notably around the sport tourism venue. If a similar event is held monthly or even weekly with different venue and regions, the potential economic benefits will be enormous.

By some means, however, the potential notion must be planned and executed properly to ensure the suitable positive externalities aiming at the right stakeholders. Instances of this prerequisite are through the involvement of the social communities and the small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

As they are involved in such international events, they will absorb essential knowledge of stringent standards in sport tourism events. Ultimately, if stakeholders cooperatively enable sports tourism to be a frontline sector, the tourism sector will confidently be stimulated and well-thriven.

About the Authors

Tegar Rismanuar Nuryitmawan

Tegar Rismanuar Nuryitmawan (Director – Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development (RISED), Surabaya). He is currently occupied as a director in Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development (RISED). His research interest is about impact evaluation of policy, poverty, welfare, sharia economics. Find him through email: [email protected] 

Mohammad Zeqi Yasin

Mohammad Zeqi Yasin (Head of Research – Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development (RISED), Surabaya). He works at Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development (RISED) as a Head of Research. His research interest is about efficiency and productivity. Find him through email: [email protected]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring the Best Employees

Making the right hire can transform your business. Whether it is your first hire or an additional member of the team, getting it right is very crucial for your business growth. To get the perfect fit, your employee hiring process should be methodical and well-crafted Your company must develop a formal hiring process that is legal, strategic, and effective. In this article, we guide you through a step-by-step process of hiring the best employees. We discuss everything from the application process, interviewing, and making an offer. 

Do a market research

The first thing that you should do is prepare for the hiring process by researching the market. You need to look at what other companies are doing, who is hiring? What are the salary and the competition in the market? Take time to review other job postings. Doing the research allows you to identify the most popular job titles, and keywords that job candidates are searching for. You can then tailor your hiring process i.e., by comparing salaries you can determine the right compensation level for your role. In essence, research gives you a glimpse of what is needed to get you the best candidate. 

Work on the application process

After doing your research, you can now proceed to work on your application process. As an employer, you should not just wait for candidates to apply for the advertised position. If you do, you might end up with thousands of applications that will make the whole hiring process hectic. Well, luckily you can simplify the application process by using gamification tools and qualifying questions. Simply employ automatic disqualification in the selection process to ensure that you get candidates with specific skill sets.

A good example of a disqualifying question is “Do you have 3+ years in software engineering?’, if the answer is no, the candidate is disqualified automatically. Gamification, on the other hand, helps you to pick candidates who might not have the required experience in their resumes but have skills that might be the perfect addition to the job requirement. Using these two methods in the application process allows you to shortlist promising candidates, and interview only a few that are truly qualified. 

Screening of CV’s

At this time, potential candidates have successfully shared their CVs with you. The next step is to filter the resumes and remain with those who deem suitable for call screening. For those candidates that don’t meet the requirement that you are looking for, you can send them a rejection email. Sadly, after sending rejection emails, you might still find yourself with a big bunch of resumes to go through. Luckily there are quite a good number of software that can help you get the job done.

Below are some general tips to help with resume screening. 

  • Look for the academic knowledge and professional expertise to do the job
  • Check the skills and experience tailored for the job description 
  • Check the resumes for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Look out for clear career progression
  • What is the quantitative evidence of past achievements; what value are they bringing? 
  • Look at the candidate’s employment gaps. 

Screen a call for the shortlisted applicants

After a thorough resume screening, you are left with candidates that qualify for an interview. Now keep in mind that you are looking for only two or one candidate. To continue with the filtering process, you will need to screen a call with the applicants. Call screening allows you to listen to the candidate and determine whether their attitude suits your company. The goal is to look out for answers that might not be true or contradict their resumes. The process will allow you to disqualify other candidates and only remain with a few that you can invite for an in-person interview.

Interview your top candidates (In-person)

Now after the screen call, you might find yourself with more than ten candidates, you can decide to do an in-person interview for all of them, or do a further assessment to remain with around 3 or 4. The assessment could be an aptitude test, a product pitch, or simply a practical skills test. After the test, you can invite the most promising candidate for the in-person interview. To conduct a good interview you must prepare yourself, and your candidate(s) For the candidates ensure that you provide them with all the necessary information (time, address, the scope of the interview, etc.), you also need to send them the invite two or three days in advance. As the employer, you also need to prepare yourself. Have a list of holistic questions, to help you get the best hire. Other than asking the candidates to tell you about themselves, ensure you have questions that touch on their career goals, soft skills, behavior, adaptability, etc. 

Conduct Background checks

Imagine after finalizing the interview, you realize that your hire is wanted for criminal charges? Sad, right? Well, to avoid such eventualities, you must conduct background checks, especially in the selection process. However, before you proceed, it is always wise to inform the candidate of your intention. After all, some background checks are mandated by law especially in certain places like nursing facilities. The most important background checks to conduct are driving records, credit check, criminal records, and drug tests. The good part is that you can choose a reputable background check provider to do the work for you. It is a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything that might hurt your company in the future.

Check the references

Now, before you make your final decision, do a reference check. It is a great way to verify the skills, work experience, and achievements of the potential employee. They also help you learn about the candidate’s behavior, the reason for leaving, strengths and weaknesses. 

Make the job offer

At this point, you are safe to make the job offer! Well, making a job offer is another critical step that must be done right. The first thing to do is make that congratulation call, and give them a hint of what to expect. Proceed to invite them over to discuss employment terms including salary, bonuses, working hours, etc. You also need to inform the Finance Department and the CEO as you prepare to welcome your new hire. 

Wrapping up

From our discussion, it is quite evident that bringing in a new hire demands a well-thought plan. Evidently, a series of events must occur before making that final congratulations call or email. Keep in mind that the hiring cycle is only successful when the client accepts the job offer. With the process shared above, you can be sure to have an easy time finding your next employee. 

Tips to Lower Your Health Insurance Costs in 2021

Healthcare is essential, but it can get pricey. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves trying to weigh premium costs against the potential risks, but this equation is never 100% precise. Instead, why not focus on finding coverage that works for your body and your wallet?

Let’s go through some handy tips to help you make a good decision and get reliable health insurance in 2021.

Making Smart Choices in 2021

If the pandemic showed us one thing, it’s that wellness isn’t always the norm. Anything can happen, and you might require a type of care you never saw coming. So, keep the protection for you and your family as the focal point while choosing your plan.

Try to gauge how many appointments, preventative care treatments, and surgeries you expect to undergo in the next year or two. After all, health coverage is there to maintain your well-being – the price is only secondary.

Tip: If you have a partner whose occupation offers some benefits to family members, why not coordinate them? That way, you might choose a lighter plan for your purchase and still get coverage for all essential health crises.

Convenience is another aspect to consider. Especially if you’re getting a group plan to cover all family members, you’ll want access to trustworthy nearby medical professionals in case of emergency.

The question of HMO vs. PPO comes up here, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best thing you can do is learn how they work to make as informed a decision as possible.

The COVID-19 Relief Bill

The insurance marketplace sells government-subsidized policies. It’s still coming from private companies, but for a fraction of the cost.

Private insurance is becoming more affordable, at least for the next couple of years. The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package includes provisions to reduce healthcare costs due to the ongoing pandemic and elevated unemployment rates. The changes include:

  • Premium subsidies for 2021 and 2022
  • Forgiving amounts due for subsidy recipients in 2020
  • Expansion of financial help qualifications

In layman’s terms, the current law removes the cap on who qualifies for premium tax credits. It also limits the premiums anybody must pay to 8.5% of their income. As a result, many adults currently ineligible for health insurance will now get a chance to get it.

If you gave up on the idea of getting your insurance through the marketplace before, take advantage of this privilege while you can.

Top Insurance Money-Saving Tips

Some advice applies across the board, whether we’re in the middle of a global pandemic or living our daily lives as usual.

1. Shop Around

Insurance is a dog-eat-dog market, which gives anybody well-versed in various terms and strategies a competitive advantage. So, take your time to research the jargon and learn various plan details.

Then, go online and shop around, comparing copay, coinsurance, lifetime maximums, and everything else until you find the best option for your needs.

Shop Around

2. Get Discounts

If you find yourself in a medical emergency and requiring immediate help, asking for discounts won’t be the first thing to come to mind. So, negotiate and ask whether they’re available before anything of the sort happens.

Billing departments and healthcare facilities might be open to negotiation. For example, you might get a discount for:

  • Paying for a procedure in advance
  • Paying in bulk
  • Paying cash instead of a check

A doctor treating your healthcare concern might also take your finances into account and reduce fees, but you have to broach the subject.

Get Discounts

3. Use Technology

Recent tech developments are making health information easy to collect. Insurers took advantage of the trend, seeing people with high fitness tracker scores as low-risk customers.

Bring gathered historical data to your appointments and get that conversation going. Also, look into plans that incentivize healthy living.

Tip: If these programs aren’t available at the moment, ask again in a year. Some companies are already doing it, but many more will soon follow suit.

Use Technology

4. Supplement

Insurers might up your bills quite a bit due to pre-existing conditions. While it’s always much less of a hassle to get all your coverage from the same company, it could be better to find alternative ways to cover some needs.

Notably, disease-specific assistance programs in many hospitals offer financial support to patients. Don’t be afraid to ask around.


Wrap Up

The key takeaway is simple – you can’t avoid these expenses altogether, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. Having a reliable, accessible medical professional on your team is more important than ever before.

Knowledge helps you make better decisions. Learn about your options, read the relief bill, and discuss everything with your broker. All that research will pay off when you get your policy.